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User Info: hoopshype

1 year ago#1
Anyone here dabble in pua / self improvement and the like? To me it's amazing how much material is on the internet now for dating advice. I have found great value in a few resources... Chateau heartiste blog (have to sift thru archive beyond the weird far right politics stuff now) and RSD free videos on YouTube. Mystery method (free pdf anywhere) still kinda being the Bible of pickup. Lastly, "The Charisma Myth" is a great book to me for sociability.

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User Info: Guide

11 months ago#3
[break the meta]

User Info: CarefreeDude

9 months ago#4
I've been working on improving myself. Just this year Ive:

Got a new job significantly raising my salary
Put a lot of money into investment
Have gone to the gym almost every day
Am eating healthier
Have started fundraising initiatives and volunteer work for my community
Extended my social network
Planned a couple big international trips
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User Info: hoopshype

8 months ago#5
That's awesome, dude. I'm sure you're finding more opportunities to meet new girls, it's a lot easier when you're on your own path and purpose as a man to attract girls naturally. Couple that development with a little bit of game study and you would kill.
Hooking up sounds fun and all, but do be careful; there are more and more laws being added to the books where women can cause trouble for you years after the fact. Pay attention to red flags when they appear: heavy tattoo usage, piercings (esp. in the nose), fully dyed hair, problem glasses, being triggered by basic biology, etc.

I know this all sounds ridiculous, but I'm sure people like Mr. Kavanaugh, Mike Pence, and Henry Cavill would disagree. Toxic women should be avoided. Stay vigilant.
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User Info: MiIkMan

1 week ago#7
f*** me.
Milk, man.
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