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User Info: Mega__Man

12 years ago#1

So I'm 16, almost 17. She turned 15 in December. I'm her first boyfriend. We started dating just over 2 weeks ago.

Her mom is a nutcase, and is always up her ass. Last Saturday she came over, and only stayed for like 4 hours. (1:30-5:30) Around 5:30, her mom just knocked on the door and came in pretty much. Our moms were talking for a bit, it was ok. Her mom's a bit talkative and protective, but it didn't seem like anything I can't go through.

Yesterday, she comes over at 1:30. Around 3, her mom calls her saying she's gonna come up soon >_<; Her mom thought we would do 'math homework' or something, and that's it. She comes around 3:30, unannounced, and me and my gf are upstairs. Her mom asks my mom "What are they doing in his room?" And starts freaking out a bit. But when we go downstairs, her mom is being so ****ing talkative. She finally decides to leave, but she loses her car keys, and my mom drives her to their house. My gf and I stay here with my sister.

My mom calls me a bit later, and says her mom is at her house, and apparently her mom asked my mom if we were going out. My mom says "Well...I'd say so?" (note: my gf told her mom we were going out..she's just a nutcase) Her mom then says how she doesn't like her daughter having a boyfriend because she's too young and has to only focus on her school work. She's a ****ing high honors student, and her mom is so goddamn overprotective...

So they come back, and we're talking a bit, her mom starts blabbing MORE. Then my mom says "We had a nice talk, we found out (gf's name) was born (in our city)!" My gf told me she was born in Sweden...there's also other times I caught her lying through her teeth to me about ****. She then goes outside and texts me saying she's embarassed and "I probably don't like her anymore". I just tell her we can talk later (which I still haven't really done) ANYWAY...

SUMMARY: My gf is kind of annoying to deal with anymore, her mom is overprotective as **** and pretty much doesn't want us to go out. I don't care about the relationship anymore, but I can't bring myself to break up with her, mostly because I'm her first boyfriend and I'll seem like a huge ass to the whole school, or something stupid like that.

User Info: mrtopgoon327

12 years ago#2
so wat.

look broski, if you don't like the broad drop her. she sounds like a waste of time to me.

User Info: Mega__Man

12 years ago#3
I also had a girl like this before:

Friend's cousin, like 2 summers ago. We were 'together' for a month, but weren't 'bf and gf'. Everytime we wanted to hang out, her parents were up our asses. I just ended it after being tired of putting up with it.

User Info: wutami

12 years ago#4
Duuuuude, I know this situation all too well. Seriously, i somehow managed to only have 1 girlfriend who didn't have an overprotective mother, then again, every girl i've gone out with was hispanic, except for her, and from what I know, hispanic mothers typically are overprotective (i am hispanic btw, just stating an observation)

Anyways, my first girlfriends mother found out we were going out, about 2-3 months later, we broke up because we couldn't see each other. My current girlfriend's parents found out about us 5 months ago, and we're still together, good thing about it is after they changed her schedule, the counselor didn't change her lunch because "she could avoid [me]."

Anyways - those things can go either way, but if you feel you no longer have feelings for her, or don't want to be with her, you're wasting your time staying with her. It sounds harsh, but you're lying to her by being with her. You need to tell her the truth, you'll seem like much less of a **** bite in the end if you do.

And i know it's hard being her first boyfriend, but she'll get over you, she'll move on. You won't seem as much of a jerk as you think you're going to, to her maybe, but not to everyone else.
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User Info: hedgehog64

12 years ago#5
Hispanic mothers typically are overprotective

This is true.
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User Info: MacDaMurderer

12 years ago#6
My girlfriend mom is over protective. She is 21, and older than I am. We've been going out for 3 years.
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