Do you own an original or a slim?

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User Info: Lemon_Master

11 months ago#1
I never learned the slim was a thing until after the PS3 came out.

User Info: enderall

11 months ago#2
I have a slim from the 90000 series. Too bad I cannot do any soft mods to it.
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User Info: BarbaricAvatar

11 months ago#3
There's more than just 2 versions.
There were 4 model's of the fat (not including Japan launch machines), and 4 versions of the slim, with a 5th which had another external redesign.
I've got a 5000x fat (dead), 7000x, 7500x, 7700x slim's, and a 9000x final slim.
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User Info: rafamaximo

11 months ago#4
Mine's a 39001 model
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User Info: Waluigi_FOREVER

11 months ago#5
Not sure what model of the fat and slim I have, but I got them both. Only okay on the fat though. I like how it looks so much more.
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User Info: este914

11 months ago#6
Original launch day phatty
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User Info: FeiBenares

11 months ago#7
I own slim PS2.
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User Info: RoyalsDK

11 months ago#8
50000 version of the Phat with a custom White JP Ps2 shell.

and the official white PS2 Slim...
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User Info: Kuksenkov

11 months ago#9
900000 series Black Slim. I love it.
JRPG fan.

User Info: Mercenary12451

11 months ago#10
I own both a orginal and a slim actually. Not home right now to look at model numbers but my orginal was the phat I got in 2003. After a while my phat PS2 stopped playing PS1 games and those blue disc CD-Rom PS2 games though. Even though it played normal PS2 games I ended up getting a Slim PS2 in 2006 or so. Both still work to this day other then what I mentioned is wrong with the Phat.
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