Is Unlimited Saga any good?

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User Info: joesolaris

1 year ago#1
i noticed that it is in the top ten of most active ps2 boards in gamefaqs

User Info: andri_g

1 year ago#2
It's due to half-a-dozen gamers--mainly two--on that board heavily into topic posting stuff I'd probably PM. Fortunately, there's no monkey-poo flingers in sight.

[So, idk; I have this game, but I haven't played it (because, backlog).] :/

User Info: bungiefan

1 year ago#3
SaGa games are quite different than most JRPGs. They tend to not have EXP or character levels, but instead you have a chance to increase stats that you use and learn techniques for weapons and magic types that you use.

The guide to the mechanics of Unlimited SaGa is over a megabyte of raw text, which is hundreds of pages just to understand how the systems in the game work. It's really intimidating if you don't like pencil and paper/board game RPG mechanics.

The SaGa games are excellent if you like what they do, but if you played and didn't like Final Fantasy II (the one with Firion/Guy/Maria/Leon/Minwu), you generally won't like the SaGa games, because they are produced/directed by the same guy. Final Fantasy Legend 1-3 on the GameBoy were really the first 3 SaGa games.

Unlimited is hard because you have a turn limit to each quest, so you have to understand the game to reliably be able to clear the objectives.

User Info: Born Lucky

Born Lucky
1 year ago#4
Forget about it being hard to understand.

I understood it perfectly.

The question is - Is it fun?
The Answer: No, no it's not.
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