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User Info: ploodie

4 months ago#11
Just finished Bongo Hills (by finished, I mean survived every level.. didn't find a single cage yet!) and I nearly threw my PS out the window. Don't know if I can go any further. I grew up on the original Nintendo, you'd think I'd be used to challenging platformers by now. But this one is on par with Donkey Country Returns.
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User Info: TommySnipeZ_182

4 months ago#12
I don't think I even made it past Band Land when I was younger without cheating.
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User Info: FungeonInterloc

3 months ago#13
I think I actually got all the way to Candy Chateau as a kid. But you need every single cage to fight Mr. Dark, so I never beat the game.
I've done so as an adult though. This game is really tough. Tough as nails.

If you don't want to use the 99 lives cheat, the only advice I have is to practice the levels, and if you lose too many lives just restart without saving.
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