Did the inclusion of sea salt ice cream seem out of place to anybody else?

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  3. Did the inclusion of sea salt ice cream seem out of place to anybody else?

User Info: slk_23

9 months ago#1

An interview with Tetsuya Nomura after Kingdom Hearts II explained that Nomura first tasted sea-salt ice cream at a trip to Tokyo DisneySea, a smaller resort of Disney's parks in Japan. He liked the ice cream very much and decided to work with Disney to have it put into Kingdom Hearts II. He also said that the idea to put the dessert into the game came to him when he was thinking about what the kids in Twilight Town do and eat over summer vacation.

So I get that the game's character designer tasted the stuff and liked it, but the way it was incorporated into the story felt very out of place. They really shoehorned it in there with no way of making it seem logical. It has no relevance to the plot and is never brought up again, so it kind of makes me wonder why they even included it in the first place. Was it really that big of a deal to mention just for the sake of mentioning it?
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User Info: Chemazan

9 months ago#2
Heartless with no bodies
Nobodies with no hearts... but they really do have one
The keyblade chooses its master.... but they really don't
I know you may not give a s*** about cloud or sephiroth, but lets shove their "story" down the player's throat
Zippers are the craze in Japan, lets add a s***ton of zippers everywhere
90% of disney worlds' cutscenes in KH2, BBS, Coded, CoM and DDD

This franchise loves to shoehorn confusing, useless and/or irrelevant s***

User Info: Moomba33

9 months ago#3
Yeah. At least they don't talk about it as much in KH2 as they do in 358/2 Days.
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User Info: MrSprings

9 months ago#4
You still have to acknowledge that you have heard and understood the flavor and what it's called to get to TWTNW. So... yeah kinda weird how it's the only flavor of ice cream. Because so far Scrooge, Axel, Roxas, Xion, HPO, and Ansem the wise all really dig that specific ice cream.

On the other hand how the f*** can I get a hold of one of these? I need to see what all the hubbub is about.

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User Info: bigbug1992

8 months ago#5
I'd like to point out how bulls*** the Ice Cream is.

They pass that s*** around perfectly and nobody ever drops it or even takes it awkwardly. It's inhuman and disturbing to me.
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  3. Did the inclusion of sea salt ice cream seem out of place to anybody else?

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