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  3. This is why I think Riku and Sora are in love!! (an analysis w/ spoilers)

User Info: ouiath

12 years ago#1

In my eyes, in the first game, Riku likes Sora (what, with the paopu fruit flirting at all.) but Sora doesn't reciprocate the feelings because he's preoccupied with the idea of the redheaded Kiwi. However, Kiwi says some obnoxious stuff like wanting to leave Riku behind and obviously that's a total turnoff because you wouldn't want to leave your best friend behind. I try to put myself in his situation, where the norm is a boy and a girl being in love -- That's the kind of relationship people around you are going to encourage. When Sora and Riku are young and Kiwi comes into the picture, and the girl is friendly and easily willing to be friends (or more), you're going to think, oh, well this must be the type of relationship people say I should have! A small island like Destiny Islands probably isn't the most open-minded (though this is just an assumption, I could be wrong on this one), so while Riku was probably disappointed, he couldn't speak out. He feels rather betrayed because their relationship was going so good, but then Kiwi sort of intrudes and ruins it for him. After all, their secret spot in that cave used to only be theirs. Throughout KH1 whenever they see eachother, Riku complains about how he's been left behind and how Sora wouldn't need him since he has his new friends now. That being said, who's to say he didn't get jealous when Kiwi came along, too?

In the second game, I think Sora starts realizing his options with Riku because he won't shut up about him throughout the whole game: He almost always asks about Riku instead of Kiwi, or says Kiwi second, like she is second best; less important. This isn't to say that he doesn't hold a deep affection for her as a friend, but his goal in KH2 is more to find Riku, not Kiwi (In KH1, it was the other way around, which provoked some frustration from Riku, as mentioned previously). The end of the game is quite questionable. Kiwi earns a hug in their reunion, but once Sora learns that he has reunited with Riku, he is on his knees and crying, so relieved from the concern for him that he had been feeling during his entire journey. When they are sitting together in that place at the end, it's like everything is right again, just with the two of them. Another hint is when Sora is groping Riku's butt when he helps him walk over somewhere (the last time I beat KH2 was a few years ago so I forgot the specifics of where he was taking him, sorry). There are so many other ways to help someone walk along, but he chose his butt. Fishy, huh?

In KH1, "Simple & Clean" is Kiwi's point of view, and in KH2, "Passion" is Riku's point of view. I'm not certain if this was confirmed by the developers (I've only heard rumors), but it's the popular opinion at least, and I can definitely believe it, as it expresses longing from both of them. The line "I need more affection than you know" is practically the icing on the cake. Another bit of icing on the cake is the cover for FM... Sora and Riku are in a heart-shaped cloud, which screams symbolism.

That's just how I interpreted it, though. There's a lot more evidenc besides this, too.

User Info: smash_bros_kid

12 years ago#2
I sense a huge flaming in the near future.

User Info: ouiath

12 years ago#3
I do my research, so it wouldn't make sense if there was flaming. I still want people's opinions on the matter, though.

User Info: Jaejoong

12 years ago#4
You keep me Spinnin' Around!All I Can Do not to think about you!I'll Shoot The Moon!You are Forever In My Heart! Do Ya love me,I like to think so!I <3 Jump5!

User Info: The6thRanger

12 years ago#5
Kiwi? I'm not wasting one of 3 posts on this.

...oh wait

User Info: wishmaster0912

12 years ago#6
I see your point Ouiath and must admit i have to agree with you, though i still hope in a full relationship between Sora and Kairi, there's something not right in this, i think we will find out in the next game, Nomura aways treat us with huge twists!

User Info: JakePotter481

12 years ago#7
Seriously, dude, stop making so many topics.
^ I'm with stupid
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User Info: smidgeonnn

12 years ago#8
Your honor, I move on the grounds wishmaster is defendants/TC's alt and is therefore subjugated to the same prosecution of the defendant/TC.
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User Info: ZLuxray626

12 years ago#9
All I can say is Ouiath you have one of the sickest minds ever. Go play a rated M game, even though you aren't old enough for one I think the themes in them are more suitable for your sick mind.
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User Info: smash_bros_kid

12 years ago#10
Objection! Your honor, that is merely an opinion and therefore holds no ground in this trial.
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  3. This is why I think Riku and Sora are in love!! (an analysis w/ spoilers)
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