Questions that everyone asks (Read if you have a question!) MARK 5

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User Info: dratsab

7 years ago#221

From: soraandkairy77 | #220
you're so easy

I don't even

User Info: soraandkairy77

7 years ago#222

From: dratsab | #221
I don't even

maybe you should. - kidpsycho777

User Info: dratsab

7 years ago#223
I'm in a motel, but the wifi here is crappy ;/

User Info: Suresi

7 years ago#224
Concerning the Gummi ship posted:

1. Does it matter which formation I'm using?

2. What exactly does beserk mode do? I noticed that everything draws to me way better and it seems I do more damage, but is there anything else?

3. I can't beat the boss at the end of Assasult of the Dreadnought Lv3. He kinda spams the entire screen with bullets and bombs. <.< What do I do?

4. Can you replace things like the Fire/Gs and upgrade them? I have about 350 left to spend on my ship and it seems kind of a waste to use guns that are weaker than what I can afford.
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User Info: Deadbunnyz

7 years ago#225
Very helpful

User Info: ntb4

7 years ago#226
one question when using drives like master and final that take away your party say for example donald and goofy... and say they have 4 lucky lucky ability between them... will the lucky lucky still be in effect while driving?
'cause i seem to be getting less in final from each battle but i can kill more than normal... this is really got me pullin' hairs out of my bald spot for sure........... i appreciate any help this can board and anyone posting on this board can give me... thank you very much in advance
i can't find a infinite drive ar code for the origional version does anyone know a website that shows great ar codes for the origional version all i can find are pal,final remix and dud codes and also what is your prefered way for leveling up forms very fast early on
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User Info: phantomzyrus

5 years ago#228
Good job.
Everyone, please refrain from asking questions that were already answered.
Try to read the FAQ before you ask a question.
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User Info: MrMolinaro

5 years ago#229
Great topic.

User Info: TomDangerfield

5 years ago#230
Where is a good place to start in the Hades paradox cup? I've already beat it, but I just need those 15,000 orbs >.<

Should I just start at round 1 and work my way up? I'd hate to go through 50 rounds and end up dying along the way :/
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