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User Info: gotryce22

10 years ago#11
VIII. Leveling [qeal8]

29. What’s the fastest way to level up?
The fastest way would probably have to be the Pride Land Trick (find it in the Tricks section). This trick is used mainly for leveling, but can also be used for finding synthesis items dropped by the heartless there.

30. What Is A Bonus Level? ~Credits to Rolling_Dice20
A Bonus Level is a level you gain when you beat a boss(not all of them) or do something that has to do with an objective where you fight a bunch of enemies(not all of them). The max Bonus Level is 50.

31. What are the max stats in this game? ~Credits to Tyrant_Wave

Max attainable stats without cheating:
Attack: 165
Magic: 165
Defense: 166
AP: 184

Equipment won't make it go higher or lower. (At least to my knowledge)

32. Powers Of The Mystic, Warrior, And Guardian. ~Credits to Rolling_Dice20
People are wondering if there's any difference between these three. There is but it is not as important a choice as it was in the first game. It only affects what level you gain certain stat boosts and abilities.

User Info: gotryce22

10 years ago#12
IX. Tricks [qeat9]

33. The Pain And Panic Trick. ~Credits to Rolling_Dice20
Enter the Pain and Panic Cup with an empty Drive Gauge and exit immediately. Your Drive Gauge will be re-filled.

34. Pride Land Trick
Go to the Pride Land peak (where you fought Scar). When you are up there, you should see A LOT of heartless. Use your Magnet magic on them and they will quickly die, leaving you a lot of MP orbs to regain MP, and a lot of experience points. Some say that it’s recommended to have 53+ MP, but that’s only if you want to kill them in one hit. This method is very boring, but well worth it if you want to get to Level 99 quickly.

35. Solar Sailor/Black Pearl Trick ~Credits to ambroselunar
In Space Paranoids, just use any form or summon, and let the form/summon meter count down until it's almost gone. Then, immediately board the Solar Sailor. Your form/summon will be cancelled, but your drive gauge will be returned to its original state. Ride the Solar Sailer, then use the form/summon again. After the ride is over, head back and all of the enemies will return. Repeat until forms and summons are maxed. Obviously, this will not work for Final Form, since there aren't any Nobodies in Space Paranoids, but the other forms and the summons can be leveled freely, without any pesky drive-gauge refilling. It's possible that this trick works in other areas, too, but I have not explored it (the Black Pearl is an idea though).

Also, to level summons specifically, the experience counter seems to increment when the summon meter ticks down a notch. If your timing is good, try to kill enemies with drive orbs right when the meter is going to drop a level. If you can keep the meter almost full as you collect the orbs, you can make it oscillate between two numbers, netting extra experience for your summons. With this, you can get over 30 exp every time you use a summon.

36. Timeless River Trick
Go to Timeless River and enter the far right window. Go ahead and drive into Valor Form or Wisdom Form (whichever one you want to level), and kill all the heartless in this area. When you’re done, go to the next area (Scene of the Fire or something to that extent) and kill the heartless here. Keep doing this in all four areas until you get back to the Cornerstone. When that happens, go back into the far right window, and all the heartless should be back for more whooping. All the drive orbs that the heartless drop in Timeless River should be enough for you to stay in your drive form, but if you ever begin to run out of form, immediately go out of Timeless River through the door to Disney Castle WHILE YOU ARE STILL IN YOUR FORM. You should be in Disney Castle in your normal state with full drive gauge.

37. Save Point Glitch
This one is similar to the Timeless River Trick. When you’re running out of drive bars, go to a save point while still in your form and warp to the World Map. When you go onto any world, you will notice that you are now normal with all of your drive gauges.

User Info: gotryce22

10 years ago#13
X. KHII Myths [qeam10]

38. Steamboat Charm
This is absolutely 100% false. This myth was first started on a very unreliable gaming website. The myth stated that you have to complete the game 100% on everything, then when you go to Timeless River, there will be a fifth window waiting for you. This is when the myth can be considered false because there will never be a fifth window after anything. There are also other variations to “obtaining” this charm (originally named King’s Charm), but since they don’t even match the original, which was already false to begin with, they are all false.

39. Mickey/Xehanort Trials
False. These trials were created in order for someone to obtain the Steamboat Charm. However, since the Charm is false, then the trials are false as well.

40. Ultima Weapon+
Although there is a Save the King+ and a Save the Queen+, there is no such thing as an Ultima Weapon+. Since there are only 7 Orichalcum+ in the game, you can only synthesize one.

“Well, if you max out your moogle level then the number of required synthesis items will be halved, with the addition to the Energy Crystal, so you CAN make another one!”

Wrong. Now, I’m not too sure if it halves the requirement of Orichalcum+, it’s still impossible to synthesize two Ultima Weapons. Since 13 can’t divide by 2 evenly, they rounded up the required Orichalcum+ from 6.5 to 7. This can be inferred if you can halve the amount again. 7 doesn’t divide equally into 2 parts, so 3.5 rounded would be 4. Synthesize once and you’ll have 3 Orichalcum+ left, which IS NOT enough to make another one.

41. Zexion is alive?
No, he is not. In CoM, it was unclear if he really was eliminated or not. However, with Final Mix+ released, it is very clear that he is dead because they actually show the cutscene of him dying. So for all you Zexion fans out there, he’s dead. Period.

42. ____ is Riku’s Nobody!
Nope. Riku never lost his heart, so he doesn’t have a Nobody. Enough said.

User Info: gotryce22

10 years ago#14
XI. Miscellaneous [qeam11]

43. Why are there green bubbles over some of the worlds?
This is a small problem that can be easily taken away. Just go back to the world before the covered one, complete that world, and when you go back to the World Map, the bubble should disappear.

44. What is the best order to clear the worlds in?
There’s no definite order in clearing worlds, but what I suggest is going in order of what battle level each of the worlds have. Finish whatever world has the lowest battle level, and go up from there.

45. Cure's MP Cost. ~Credits to Rolling_Dice20
This became a common question somehow. If you look at Cure in the customize menu, it's MP cost will say ALL. This was probably put in to prevent Curaga spamming. This will probably put a stop to the "Why did Cure take away all of my MP?" questions.

46. Ultima Weapon or Fenrir? ~Credits to Rolling_Dice20
It's totally a matter a preference. If you like dealing damage fast and interrupting enemies, go with Fenrir with Combo Breaker and Explosion equipped. And if you like to heal a lot or cast magic in general, go with Ultima. I personally use Ultima and save Fenrir for my Drive forms. But that is an arguable choice.

47. What Is Negative Combo For? ~Credit goes to SilentCricket for this.
Negative combo is fantastic for pulling off some of Sora's phenomenal and powerful finishing moves. Explosion is great in the late game when enemies only get interrupted by a finishing being able to pull it off within 1/2 hits makes for some quick fights. To best make use of Negative combo, unequip all your Combo Plus abilities, and use the Fenrir if you have it (with a -1 to combo attacks). With those together you can literally pull of Explosion on every hit. Further augment this with the Finishing Plus ability and Guard Break and you'll be throwing around some serious damage.

Yes its also useful for some mini-games like Junk Sweep where you want to do as few hits as the "junk" only reacts to finishing blows.

48. Are there any missable items in this game?
The only missable items in the entire game are the ones found in the time you play as Roxas. However, these items are only Potions and such, so the missable items aren’t significant enough to have a major impact on the game.

49. Playing as Mickey ~Credits to Rolling_Dice20
You can play as Mickey, but only temporarily. If you die in certain Boss Fights and continue, You will be Mickey and will still be fighting the boss in an attempt to save the party with a certain ability. After your party is revived, your control will revert back to Sora.

Mickey’s Appearance Probability ~Credit goes to Crimsonrose1449
First Death = 100%
Second Death = 80%
Third Death = 64%
Fourth and beyond = 50%

The boss battles Mickey is playable in: ~Credits to uchihasasuke555
- Shan-Yu
- Thresholder and possessor
- Shadow Stalker/Dark Thorn
- Cerberus
- Hydra
-Volcano Lord and Blizzard Lord
- Storm Rider
- Grim Reaper 1st
- Xaldin
- Armored Xemnas 1st battle

Controls for Mickey:
X button- Attack
O button- Jump
[ ] button- Pearl (magic)

Reaction commands-
1. D-charge- increases Drive gauge.
2. Healing Light- Fully heals Sora and party after Drive gauge is full.

Note: Mickey cannot use finishing moves. He can only hurt enemies until the HP is 1.

User Info: hailkingmon

10 years ago#15
Thanks Gotryce!

By the way, you may want to mention that you level your moogle by creating items, and the EXP number is how much experience you get for making it.

Yes, Ive seen that question a few times...
The gaming world is coming to an end....

User Info: gotryce22

10 years ago#16
From hailkingmon | Posted 1/18/2008 11:23:18 AM | #015
By the way, you may want to mention that you level your moogle by creating items, and the EXP number is how much experience you get for making it.

Yes, Ive seen that question a few times...

Eh, it should be okay for now.


User Info: hailkingmon

10 years ago#17
I saw that, and I gotta say, youre one quick dude. I barely had time to see what happened before they were gone.
The gaming world is coming to an end....

User Info: gotryce22

10 years ago#18
If you really want to know, I ****ed up my posts and ended up posting a section twice in a row...

User Info: hailkingmon

10 years ago#19
Actually, you posted the same section twice, then skipped a section when you tried to fix it.

I said I barely saw, not that I didnt and that I was curious.
The gaming world is coming to an end....

User Info: PheonixFlame2

10 years ago#20
I posted this in the other thread, so this should be useful:

"So I had some better form-leveling strats. Except for Valor, because that you just have to use a lot, haha (or use one of the tricks...I had it to 7 before any of the others because I'd just use it whenever I'd get the chance, esp in Radiant Garden). Playing a 100% speed game, and these are much better places for leveling your forms.

Wisdom: World that never ends, Memory Skyscraper. There's a glitch, *even after* you continue with the story, that every time you go to the next area (On the Brink of Despair?) your drive gauges reset if you're still in Drive. Leave at least one heartless alive, then do like the Proud lands and keep going back and forth killing the heartless.

Master: The areas before the Throne Room in LoD are MUCH better than the cave for this, equip up Jackpot and Negative combo and take out all the Riders with Disaster, they drop a lot of the large Drive orbs which allow you to level much faster than the small ones. Clear the first, second, and if you still have drive, the third area in the palace, then go back and use the save point trick. Gives you exp too, which the cave trick doesn't.

Final: I used Naught's skyway, I'd got to Twlight's view, drive into Final as I entered the skyway, and clear it (especially that middle area with a LOT of weak nobodies), then spam limits to regain drive on the second floor of "Hall of empty melodies", drive into Valor/Wisdom and use the save point trick. If you go into the boss areas too, in Proof of existence, and Naught's Approach, you can also get two birds with one stone and encounter pretty much every Nobody in existence for Synthesis purposes.

Hope that helps speed form leveling up; I found them to be faster than the strats prescribed on the first page."
If you think you're beaten, you are.
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