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User Info: gotryce22

10 years ago#1
NOTE: Please click Message Detail on this very first post to request for a sticky. Doing this quicker will hopefully reduce the amount of bumps required for this topic to stay alive.

Again, most of this topic was taken from the old one, but a few things have been changed. I have also added a few more questions as well as some more organization for easier access to your questions (no offense to Rolling_Dice20). For finding your questions quicker, use the Find function (CTRL + F) and type in the codes next to the sections in the Index. The codes are inside the brackets. Actually use your researching skills and look through the topic thoroughly before asking a question.

Example: Looking for the Steamboat Charm? Search in the “KHII Myths” Section.

I. Forms/Summons - [qeafs1]
II. Synthesis - [qeas2]
III. Mini-Games - [qeamg3]
IV. Olympus Coliseum - [qeaoc4]
V. Organization XIII - [qeao5]
VI. Secret Movie/Sunset Horizons - [qeasm6]
VII. The New Kingdom Hearts Trio - [qeakht7]
VIII. Leveling - [qeal8]
IX. Tricks - [qeat9]
X. KHII Myths - [qeam10]
XI. Miscellaneous - [qeam11]

I realize that I could be missing some key questions, but those can wait for another update.

Also, I’ve taken out the Sephiroth and Final Mix+ sections to reduce the size of the topic, and there are FAQs for Sephiroth as well as an entire board for Final Mix+.

Please do not post anything until I am finished with posting everything onto this topic.

User Info: gotryce22

10 years ago#2
I. Forms/Summons [qeafs1]

1. Drive Forms ~Credits to Rolling_Dice20
Several questions float around the board like, "How do I get Final Drive Form?" or something to that extent. So I will tell you where to get all the Drive Forms:

Valor: Start with it.
Wisdom: Complete Disney Castle.
Master: Mickey gives it to you when you temporarily leave Space Paranoids in Hallow Bastion.
Final: You have to have already seen the Sora-Roxas cut scene at Memory Skyscraper in The World That Never Was, you need at least 5 Drive Bars, and then when you drive during battle, it will come randomly.

2. Methods of Leveling Your Forms

NOTE: These methods are specifically for those who have considerably low form levels. As you level up and get more drive gauges, there will be more convenient places to level them up.

Valor: Every hit equals 1 exp.
Method: Timeless River Trick or Solar Sailor/Black Pearl Trick(you can find this in the Tricks section).

Wisdom: Every heartless killed equals 1 exp.
Method: Timeless River Trick or Solar Sailor/Black Pearl Trick(you can find this in the Tricks section). This is better than The World That Never Was because the enemies in Timeless River drop Drive Orbs, which means more Form time.

Master: Little drive orbs are 1 exp., bigger drive orbs are 3 exp.
Method: Go to the Village in the Land of Dragons and enter the nearby cave. First deal with all of the heartless in the cave, but do not touch the wagons yet! After you finish off all of the heartless, drive into Master and use Fire on the wagons. Exit the cave, then go back in. The wagons should have re-spawned, and use Fire on them to collect Drive Orbs again. Repeat the process. NOTE: You can also use the Solar Sailor/Black Pearl Trick with this form.

Final: Every nobody killed equals 1 exp.
Method: Twilight Town Mansion. This is better than Yen Sid’s Tower because of the small area, and the save points on each side of the mansion. I have found that they both have around the same number of Nobodies inside, but the mansion has weaker Nobodies, and, as mentioned before, the save points which provide quick and easy access to full drive gauges.

3. Why can’t I drive into Valor/Wisdom?
Make sure you have enough drive bars first. If the problem still persists, make sure you have Goofy active in your party for Valor, and Donald active in your party for Wisdom.

4. When Will My Drive Gauge's Max Level Change? ~Credits to Rolling_Dice20
A very easy question to answer.

Max LV: 3
This is the initial maximum.
Max LV: 4
When you obtain Wisdom Form, this will become the maximum.
Max LV: 5
When you obtain Master Form, this will become the maximum.
Max LV: 7
When you obtain Final Form, this will become the maximum.

5. Easiest Way To Acquire Final Form ~Credit goes to SilentCricket for this.
After the events at Memories' Skyscraper(the Deep Dive tower), head back to the Underdrome and enter the Cerberus Cup...every time you enter a new level in Cerberus Cup, your drive is reset to maximum, so try Driving once in each level, and if you didn't get final..finish the level and try again at the next stage. Rinse, repeat until you get Final Form.

User Info: gotryce22

10 years ago#3
6. Anti-Sora ~Credits to Rolling_Dice20
Probably THE most common question is: “When I drived, I turned into a Heartless looking Sora, is this normal?” or something like that. Anti-Sora is a rare occurrence that happens when you use Drive to much. It is completely random and there is no way to tell when it will happen. You can tell if you will get it soon however:

Anti-Sora has a point system that shows the increasing chance that Anti-Sora will show up. It goes up or down a set amount of points when you use the Drive command. This is the amount for each Drive ability:

Actually changing into Anti-Sora:-4

When you gain a new Drive ability, the counter resets at 0. In addition, when you Drive with a Character that has 0 HP, you will not get any points. Now these are your chances of getting Anti-Sora:

0-4 Points: 0-1% chance
5-9 Points: 10% chance
10+ Points: 25% chance

Sometimes with 0 points, you will still Drive into Anti-Sora. Some people get it like 5 or 6 times in a row!

Here is some other info about Anti-Sora:

1. You can't revert out of it. Meaning you have to wait for the Drive Gauge to run out. You can revert out if you're not in battle mode.
2. Picking up Drive Orbs makes the Drive Gauge deplete faster.
3. You can only use the Attack Command meaning you can't use the Reaction Command, use Magic, or use Items.
4. Anti-Sora does not gain Exp. Points meaning that it has no unique abilities and does not have its own exp. amount to level up.
5. It has double the speed of Sora but it has half of Sora's defense meaning damage dealt to Anti-Sora is double the amount that would be done to regular Sora.
6. Anti-Sora cannot pick up Health Orbs.

7. Where to Find the Summons
Chicken Little- 100 Acre Wood
Genie- Defeat Volcano Lord and Blizzard Lord
Peter Pan- Port Royal (Second Visit)
Stitch- Hollow Bastion

8. Leveling Up Your Summons ~Credit goes to SilentCricket for this.
The best way to max out your Summons is to use Chicken Little's FPS mode(only available in a battle) consumes 2 drive points and can be instantly canceled out and used again. Use this in conjunction with the Pain and Panic tournament trick (find this trick in the Tricks section). You can also use the Solar Sailor/Black Pearl Trick (Tricks section) if you like.

User Info: gotryce22

10 years ago#4
II. Synthesis [qeas2]

9. Ultima Weapon ~Credits to Rolling_Dice20
First of all, this is what you need to make it:

The Recipe: It's in Twilight Town: Mansion's Basement. The room right before where Sora was sleeping.

The Ingredients:
13 Orichalcum+
1 Orichalcum
1 Mythril Crystal
1 Dense Crystal
1 Twilight Crystal
7 Serenity Crystal

You only really need 7 Orichalcum+ and 4 Serenity Crystals. I will only tell you where the Orichalcum+ are:

1. Finish Atlantica.
2. Finish 100 Acre Wood.
3. Chest on the Brink of Despair in The World That Never Was.
4. Clear the Goddess of Destiny Cup in Olympus Coliseum.
5. Chest in Sunset Terrace in Twilight Town.
6. Chest In Central Computer Area on Space Paranoids.
7. Collect all Synthesis Materials and go to the Synthesis Shop.

Once you have all of the materials, use an Energy Crystal to half the cost of items needed.

10. How Do I Know When My Synthesis Moogle Will Level Up? ~Credits to Rolling_Dice20
That's very easy. There's a little bunch of numbers next to the level of the Moogle. To tell how much exp. the item you are synthing will give you, If you look on the page that shows the items needed to synth, there should be a number on the upper left/right(can't remember) of the page.

11. What Are All Of The Moogle Synth Levels? ~Credit goes to SilentCricket for this.

Level 1(default) - Decipher recipes and synthesize items! - no bonuses

Level 2 - Use Brightness and Energy Materials! - Allows you to use the side materials of either Brightness to enhance gained EXP or Energy to lower item cost.

Level 3 - Use Serenity Materials! - Allows you to use the side material of Serenity to upgraded items to a more powerful level.

Level 4 - Use up to two extra Materials! - Allows you to use up to two of the side materials (Brightness, Energy, or Serenity) in any Creations menu item available.

Level 5 - Rank C recipe Materials cut by half! - All items of C rank will have a lower item cost from the Creations menu. Free Development or Recipes items will need to first be made for the full cost (unless an Energy material is used).

Level 6 - Rank B recipe Materials cut by half! - Same as above, now for B ranked items.

Level 7 - Rank A recipe Materials cut by half! - Same as above, now for A ranked items.

Level 8 - Make new items in Free Development! - Adds a plethora of new items to be made in Free Development (I don't know which exactly, sorry)

Level 9(MAX) - Rank S recipe Materials cut by half! - Same as the other item reduction bonuses, now for S ranked items.

User Info: gotryce22

10 years ago#5
12. What Are All Of The Bonuses From Turning In Synth Items To The Moogles? ~Credit goes to SilentCricket for this

-Get 1 type of Material - Elixir
-Get 5 types of Materials - Opens up Free Development
-Get 10 types of Materials - a High Drive Recovery Item
-Get 15 types of Materials - Megalixir
-Get 20 types of Materials - Opens up a new section of Free Development
-Get 25 types of Materials - AP Boost item
-Get 30 types of Materials - Defense Boost item
-Get 35 types of Materials - Power Boost item
-Get 40 types of Materials - Magic Boost item
-Get 45 types of Materials - Orichalcum
-Get all Materials - Orichalcum+ (Needed for Ultima Weapon)
-Obtain total amount of 50 or more Synth items - Serenity Shard
-Obtain total amount of 100 or more Synth items - Serenity Stone
-Obtain total amount of 250 or more Synth items - Serenity Gem
-Obtain total amount of 500 or more Synth items - Serenity Crystal
-Obtain total amount of 1000 or more Synth items - Orichalcum
-Obtain all Dense Materials (Shard,Stone,Gem,Crystal) - Serenity Gem
-Obtain all Twilight Materials - Serenity Crystal
-Obtain all Mythril Materials - AP Boost item
-Obtain all Bright Materials - Defense Boost item
-Obtain all Energy Materials - Power Boost item
-Obtain all Serenity Materials - Magic Boost item
-Obtain all rank C Materials - Serenity Shard
-Obtain all rank B Materials - Serenity Stone
-Obtain all rank A Materials - Serenity Gem
-Obtain all rank S Materials - Serenity Crystal
-Obtain 30 of any regular Shard material (not Bright, Energy, or Serenity) - Sells Material at the Moogle Shop. Regular Shards are 100 munny, Twilight and Dense are 200.
-Obtain 25 of any regular Gem material - Same as above. Prices are 200 and 400, respectfully.
-Obtain 20 of any regular Stone material - Same as above. Prices are 400 and 800, respectfully.

13. Where are Bulky Vendors? What do I do when I find them?
Posted/reposted by kulaguy, Credits unknown due to purge.

Here's the trick in simplified terms. Go to these areas in this order:

Land of Dragons: Checkpoint
Beast's Castle: West Hall
Olympus Colosseum: Cave of the Dead Entrace (Near Pain and Panic)
Agrabah: Bazaar
Halloween Town: Candy Cane Lane

Once you find the rare heartless, a message will appear on your screen and the Heartless will disappear but do not leave the area. Break any object, whether it be the candles at the coliseum, rockets at China or shop stands at the bazaar. An exception is Candy Cane Lane where you just have to spin the merry-go-round. Anyways, enemies will appear and dispose of them quickly. Find the Bulky Vendor Heartless (Looks like a gumball machine) and wait for the reaction command to say Prime Capsule to get the highest chance for an Orichalcum.

Anyways, go to the worlds in that order. If it's not at Mulan, go on to Beast's Castle, etc. Once you finish up at Halloween Town, start over to Mulan's world. Take note that sometimes it might not be in the next world. For example, I finished up at Halloween Town but the Heartless wasn't there at Mulan's world. Don't worry, just continue down the list and you'll find it eventually. I can guarantee this trick works since I have confirmed it myself and managed to get enough Orichalcums to make 8 Ribbons in a fast amount of time.

14. Where Are Assassins? I'm Looking For Twilight Gems. ~Credits to Rolling_Dice20
Assassins are in The Hall Of Empty Melodies in TWTNW. On the second floor, just before the Proof Of Existence.

User Info: gotryce22

10 years ago#6
III. Mini-Games [qeamg3]

15.How Do I Beat The Poster Mini-game? ~Credit goes to SilentCricket for this.
With this my time was 28.83...I'm using Double jump level 2 and Glide level first I was trying to hit all the triples on the map, but the 3 set of triples by the trolley took too long to do, so I started looking for which posters I could hit consecutively w/o having to travel much.

****important**** make sure after each SINGLE poster hit you hit jump again IN MID AIR before you glide, that way you move at maximum speed. As I am explaining moving from 1 poster to the next, assume I am jump-gliding to the next poster, unless it’s a triple or I say otherwise.

From start, double jump up and out, then glide towards the first poster on the right over the green garage, then smack the one a little to the right of that. Proceed down the alley and smack the poster over the small blue box. Next hit the triple over the blue roof house.

From here, we are going to do a total 180, and you’ll be flying blind for a moment but it should be ok. Glide over to the triple that is over the wooden deck. Then air jump (NOT JUMP-GLIDE) to the next poster that is right around the corner of the same building. Do the same technique again for the next poster on the next side of the same building.

From this poster, 180 again and jump-glide to the next spot that is just after the small brick bridge on the adjacent building. Next smack the spot that is between the 2 blue windows close by. Now tag the slightly higher spot over the rainbow awning.

This next one is tricky, air jump (NOT JUMP-GLIDE) around the corner of this building and you should be able to just reach the spot at the end. After this hit the 2 posters that are consecutively going down. Now turn left and air-jump to the very last set of 3 and smack 'em in.

Run this a couple of times and you'll have your sub-30 poster time in a few rounds. Enjoy your ending ^_^

16. How Do I Get 65+ Kills On The Magic Carpet Mini-game? ~Credit goes to assassin60 for this one

I finally did it when I had Fenrir, Negative Combo equipped, and all Combo Plus abilities removed. And yes, there are a few places where you have to hit enemies into others you normally can't reach, like the fat bandit. I ended up with a 70 on my first try with the setup above.

17. How Do I get 1000 Points in Phil's Training? ~Credits to Rolling_Dice20
I'm actually not sure why everyone thinks this is so hard. Equip Fenrir (Beat Sephiroth) and the Negative Combo you get from leveling up:
Sword: LV44
Shield: LV73
Staff: LV36

Now un-equip any combo plus/boost abilities you might have on and equip Explosion as well as Draw. Now go into the training. Destroy the pots in front of you and keep doing this until big pots start appearing. Along with these big pots there should be a cluster of small pots across from it. Knock the big pot into the small ones and tons of 10 point orbs will appear. Keep repeating this. I got almost 2000 points doing it this way!

18. How Do I Beat The Junk Minigame? ~Credits to Rolling_Dice20
Remember Phil's Training? Basically the same idea. So un-equip all combo boosting abilities, and equip Negative Combo and Fenrir. Then Try to aim the junk at other junk piles.

19. I keep fighting Hayner, but when I want to fight someone else, it says I’m not experienced enough? How do I fight other people?
The only other people you can fight with is Setzer and Seifer. To fight Setzer, you have to defeat Hayner 10 times, and for Seifer, you have to defeat Setzer 10 times.

User Info: gotryce22

10 years ago#7
IV. Olympus Coliseum [qeaoc4]

20. How Do I Obtain The Min. Number Of Points Needed For The Tournaments In Jiminy's Journal? ~Credit goes to SilentCricket for this.

For Pain and Panic/Titan/Goddess/Hades tournaments, use Stitch's Dahan! special attack and use Ukulele(Square) along with the Reaction command towards the end. The enemies will drop loads of coins and won't take any you can probably accumulate enough points needed in the first few rounds.
For Cerberus:

You know how they keep your kill combo count at the top right? Well through some playing around...I figured out that you get more coins for killing enemies simultaneously, or at the same time.

I figured this out by doing the first round of Cerberus Paradox over and over with the Wishing Lamp + Jackpot ability equipped...when I killed them all w/o comboing I got 50 pts...when I killed them 1 at a time with the combo meter I got 80 points...and when I killed all 4 of them at the same time I got 100 points...

"So how do you kill everything at the same time?" you ask, simple..Magnega. With my level 99 Sora, a maxed out Final Form, Wishing Lamp and Fenrir(for the more powerful magic spell finisher), the Jackpot ability equipped, and a full load of Ethers...I hit Double Point mode in match 5, and by round 6 I had the required # of points for Jiminy and his wretched journal...

21. Unlocking the Paradox Battles ~Credits to Rolling_Dice20
It takes time but it's possible. Just so everyone knows, there is no Paradox Goddess of Fate Cup, it's a Paradox Hades Cup.

Paradox Pain & Panic Cup:
Finish all the other cups.

Paradox Cerberus Cup:
Drive forms Valor, Wisdom, and Master must be at least LV5.

Paradox Titan Cup:
Summon LV must be at least 5.

Paradox Hades Cup:
All Drive forms and Summons LV7.

You must go to Hades' Chamber and talk to him to activate these.

22. How do I enter Double Mode in the Underdrome tournaments? ~Credit goes to SilentCricket for this.

To put it shortly its all about getting multi-kills, as in killing enemies at the exact same time. The best way to do this is with either Reflect or Magnet magic at the -ra or -ga level. The more multi-kills you get, the sooner you'll enter Double Points mode. Use Drive forms, as well as magic enhancing Keyblades and accessories to boost the power of your magic. Remember it’s all about killing enemies at the same time!!!

V. Organization XIII [qeao5]

23. I want to know more about the members of Organization XIII! ~Credit goes to SilentCricket for this.
There's a very good Wiki about OXIII found here:

although the picture for Roxas sucks, but hey what can you do? ^_^

24. What are the names of the Organization XIII members?
As most people know, a lot of the Organization XIII members’ names are anagrams with an added “X”. Only members I through VI and XIII are known; the rest are unknown. They are as follows:

I. Xemnas - Ansem
II. Xigbar - Braig
III. Xaldin - Dilan
IV. Vexen - Even
V. Lexaeus - Elaeus
VI. Zexion - Ienzo
XIII. Roxas - Sora

The English translation of the Secret Ansem Reports has a few incorrect name translations. ~Credits to uchihasasuke555
Braig- Bleig
Dilan- Dilin
Elaeus- Eleus

25. Speaking of Zexion, what is his weapon and element?
Now with the release of Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix+, we know that Zexion’s weapon is the lexicon (a book), and his element is illusion.

User Info: gotryce22

10 years ago#8
VI. Secret Movie/Sunset Horizons [qeasm6]

At the end of the game, you will be able to see a secret movie after the credits. However, it’s only available on Normal Mode and Proud Mode. Here is how to unlock the secret movie in each mode:

Beginner Mode: Unavailable.
Normal Mode: Complete all worlds and complete Jiminy’s Journal.
Proud Mode: Complete all worlds.

If you don’t have the tolerance for completing everything, here’s the secret movie on YouTube:


Now, there isn’t much known about this movie. So far, all we know for sure is that the three armored knights are completely new characters (as said by Nomura). We can all theorize about what it means, but nobody knows for sure.

VII. The New Kingdom Hearts Trio [qeakht7] ~Credits to KHU

26. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
Official Site:
Platform: PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Release Dates:
- Japan // TBD (2009?)
- North America // TBD (Late '09?)
- Europe // TBD (Late '09?)

Square Enix revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2007 that a new installment to the Kingdom Hearts Series would be coming exclusively to the Sony PSP. In Birth By Sleep, Players will learn more about Terra, Ven & Aqua, characters who were introduced in the previous game, Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+. Being described both similar to Kingdom Hearts 2 & KH: CoM in terms of gameplay, players will find themselves battling in all new & familiar Disney worlds alongside learning many of the unanswered questions that surround the series.

More information can be found at:

27. Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days
Official Site:
Platform: Nintendo DS (NDS)
Release Dates:
- Japan // Summer 2008
- North America // TBD (Late '08?)
- Europe // TBD (Early '09?)

Square Enix revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2007 that a new unique installment to the Kingdom Hearts Series would be coming exclusively to the Nintendo DS. In 358/2 Days, Players will learn more about Roxas' time in the Organization XIII. By engaging in both exciting single-player & multiplayer modes, many unanswered questions about Roxas' life (while Sora was sleeping for one year) will be explored alongside offering Kingdom Hearts fans a whole new way to enjoy the series in a variety of Disney worlds.

More information can be found at:

28. Kingdom Hearts: Coded
Official Site:
Platform: Mobile
Release Dates:
- Japan // Summer 2008

Square Enix revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2007 that a new mobile installment of the Kingdom Hearts Series is in development. Using the latest 3D mobile technology, KH: Coded will see players control Sora through a whole variety of Disney worlds and experience a new style of gameplay unique to the franchise. It is currently unknown if this game will be released outside of Japan, but Square Enix have expressed a desire to see this forthcoming title released in other territories.

Check or for more information.

User Info: gotryce22

10 years ago#9
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: gotryce22

10 years ago#10
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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