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rchoe 14 years ago#11
What's going on in July and August?
We'll still be here though.
rocco7777 14 years ago#12
Hey, so Busterbeam, what did that guy tell you about France ? :)

And oh, in July and August, I'll be in Toulouse with my girlfriend ! :D
But they don't have the internet there... I'll try to find places to post some messages though !
Busterbeam 14 years ago#13
he said that its basically like any other big city. the people arent as friendly compared to people who live outside of france. he said he didnt like it so much and that he was just there for school. i cant remember where he's from tho.
Busterbeam 14 years ago#14
rocco you got another gf so quickly! you must be very l‹CI
rchoe 14 years ago#15
Or he must be very ’j‘OB
Busterbeam 14 years ago#16
finalwolfdog18 14 years ago#17
can anyone plz help me i'm stuck with this game at dezolis. i have all laconian weapons, and i want to do the Guaron Morgue but some guy gets in the way and blocks me from entering, i have already talked to all the people on all three planets what am i doing wrong???

Any help would be appreciated.
Busterbeam 14 years ago#18
you need to get permission from one of the elders in twintown. there are two of them. you have to talk to the one of the left i think and then go to the dungeon. if you talked to the one on the right last you wont be able to enter.

i think its something like that.
rchoe 14 years ago#19
Saving the topic from deletion.
Busterbeam 14 years ago#20
whatcha up to these days baker?
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