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User Info: amogh8188

12 years ago#1

Guys, how to kill Azar Javed in the end .. even with Berangar on my side, i am not able to kill him . i m playing at Medium difficulty settings.

Any special trick to kill him ... i m using Diamond Dust on my Sword .. plus using Igni to keep him and damage him .. also have drunk Swallow ..

User Info: a_e_k

12 years ago#2

You definitely must drink Willow. This way, he won't be able to knock you down. Igni damages him very little, because he's a fire mage, I advise you don't use that on him that much, for me the best way was something like this: Use Aard, knock him down, hit him with sword, until he gets up, again Aard, again hit him with sword (strong style, of course), and repeat. Tawny Owl helps with this too, as the endurance can then regenerate fast enough to use Aard again, when he's up. Swallow, of course, is nessesary too.

User Info: magusx666

12 years ago#3
Does Berengar die no matter what?
But there's no sense crying over every mistake!
You just keep on trying until you run out of cake!

User Info: M Dub

M Dub
12 years ago#4
No, he can survive the fight.
Beatings will continue until morale improves.

User Info: magusx666

12 years ago#5
Wow, he died within seconds when I fought Azar.
But there's no sense crying over every mistake!
You just keep on trying until you run out of cake!

User Info: Trughbull

12 years ago#6
Azar is highly susceptible to pain. Shrike/Swallow works well all by itself.
Crinfild Oil, not diamond dust if you want sword play.
Azar may be a fire mage and he may be resistant to fire, but using a dragon dream bomb amplifies your igni so far it does not matter what his resistantances are. He burns.

Try this.

1. roll back. (double tap "s")
2.drop dragon
3. roll back
4.set yrden trap
5. charge up an Igni
6. when Azar is thrown back from trap into the green gas of the dragon - light him up.

Like most things "resistant" to fire, once you get them ignited, they incinerate just fine.

btw, up to a point, the longer you let a dragon's dream bomb dissipate (spread its gas) the wider and more powerful the explosion. If you wait too long (guessing @10+ seconds) it spreads too thin to work.

There is an island in the C2 swamp that is crawling with undead ... alghouls, graviers. There are also numerous blodzueigers and drowners nearby. I have run around the edges of that island getting everything I could find to chase me. Carrying a posse of 10-15 mobs in my wake, I run down the center of that island and drop a dragon. when I get to the end of the island I turn 180 and roll thru the mobs(keep tapping "w") when I run thru the dragon gas it has been spreading for 5-8 seconds, I snap an igni at the bomb when the mobs have gathered. Bodies, arms, heads, feet, fly everywhere. 1 bomb. 1 spell. all dead.

no sword.
From Me and Mine to You And Yours - Trughbull

User Info: MikeSSJ_part_3

12 years ago#7
Wow, he died within seconds when I fought Azar.

Same here.
That was the single most difficult fight in the entire game for me.
A dream that comes true is not a real dream

User Info: DamianW

12 years ago#8
I just kept running in circles like a jackass. They were all easy. I mean, some of the bosses were like normal foes.

User Info: Master_Elements

12 years ago#9
Blizzard is useful also.

But yeah follow the advice abt Willow. The main danger with Javed is the many, many times you get knock downed or stunned.

With Blizzard u have a better chance of dealing more damage and chaining your attacks.

User Info: craziii3

12 years ago#10
azar stunts you alot, use the right potion to protect from knock downs and pain, you need to get azar's attention if you want the other witcher to live through the fight.
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