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User Info: zebatov

1 year ago#1
I read online early releases of the game came with a map, and later releases did not. Does anyone know how to tell which version has one (or should) and which doesn't/won't? Serial number on the case slip, disc or something, similar to LoZ: OoT?
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User Info: Sizca

1 year ago#2
I haven't found an edition that doesn't come with a map. They even included it in the TESI-V box set they released just a few years back.

For xbox it's probably just a matter of whether or not the original owner kept the map with the game. If you're looking for a PC copy look for the GOTY box or the aforementioned TES box set (which has maps for each game).

User Info: Prince_Hircine

1 year ago#3
Yeah, it wasn't just the early ones. GotY versions did, too.
So did Oblivion. Not sure about Skyrim.
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User Info: zebatov

1 year ago#4
Hey thanks guys. Unsure why I didn't get a notice for the first reply. I'll keep a look out for a good copy CIB.

Does anyone know how the game runs on X1X? Does it still suffer from crashing after so much time in-game? I know it was a RAM issue on Xbox, where the console would run out of memory and begin to use the HD, at which point it would lock up after five or so minutes. Does this problem still exist on the newer consoles with it being just an emulator?
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User Info: SusanGreenEyes

1 year ago#5
If you look TES 3: Morrowind map up online there are some printable ones there. That's where I found mine.
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