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User Info: Nerevur

1 year ago#1
Hello, so i was playing tes3mp with my friend and eventually got a soul of golden saint in a grand soul gem, so we wanted ourselves a permanent summoned golden saint, any ways i can make that possible? (it's enchantment cost is more than 250)

User Info: FantasticGabe

1 year ago#2
You can use the Soultrap glitch (If that works in TES3MP and you're fine with abusing glitches), but otherwise no.
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User Info: Cinderforge

1 year ago#3
Daedric tower gives you 255 capacity? Is that enough?

User Info: Nerevur

1 year ago#4
Sorry for little information but it's like 300+?
Also, the daedric tower shield needs to be obtained from golden saints only (Why???)

User Info: Prince_Hircine

1 year ago#5
You can loot summoned Golden Saints, though.

Need to be super quick or the game will crash.
I find it easiest by making two rings.

Ring of the Saint
Summon GS, cast when used

Ring of Whatever you wanna call it
Drain/Absorb Health 100pts on touch, cast when used

Summon the Saint, then spam the ring at it, all while hammering activate, so as soon as it dies, you can loot it.

You can of course use the spells instead, but I find the insta-cast on cast when used items makes the process much quicker.
Spawn Saint, doesn't have shield you want? Insta-resummon.
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