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User Info: Glads92

2 years ago#1
My wife and I love this game however is there anyway to make it brighter because caves, dark places, and nighttime are a bear to play due to the fact you can't see your hand in front of your face quite often.
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User Info: Gabrielsen

2 years ago#2
I dont think there is an adjust brightness option in menu unfortuneately. Maybe on your TV?

You might wanna try a Light spell. Its like a flare thing that light up a limited area, works pretty well. You also have the night eye spell, which is basically nightvision. Both of these spells goes under illusion school.

If magic is not you characters thing you can allways buy potions with these effects or use a torch/lanterns.
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User Info: smallpoxx

2 years ago#3
Yeah, lighting is part of the role playing. Tho, I know PC has a gamma correction part that will make just about every play clear with no spells, I don't know if the console version do this.
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User Info: knightmere122

2 years ago#4
Cast Night Eye.
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User Info: Glads92

2 years ago#5
Thanks for the help all.
It is best to be quiet and be thought a fool than open ones mouth and remove all doubt- Benjamin Franklin

User Info: King_Tigerclaw

2 years ago#6
Find or buy (or steal) a piece of Extravagant or Exquisite clothing, like a belt. Buy a spell of Night Eye Obtain an empty Grand Soul Gem and use Soul Trap to capture the soul of a Golden Saint (if you are able to do so at a low level). Take the filled Grand Soul Gem to an(y) enchanter of the Mages Guild and have them enchant your belt with Constant Effect Night Eye, for whatever maximum magnitude is possible with the type of belt you are enchanting. As long as you wear it, you will be able to see almost anything in-game quite clearly, no matter the level of darkness.

Spellcasters who sell Night Eye:


Empty Grand Soul Gem Locations - Posts #3 & #4 (Remember, ONLY a Golden Saint soul or an Ascended Sleeper soul will allow CE Enchanting with regular Grand Soul Gems):

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