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User Info: bob123126

10 years ago#1
I think this is the best tony hawk game. ^^ I have some fond memories of playing this game xD it was fun, a little too easy but still.... Awesome game xD I'm not a huge fan of the newer Tony Hawk games -.-

User Info: Iceferno

10 years ago#2
I disagree. American Wasteland is the best game ;)

User Info: gameguy2500

10 years ago#3
Underground amazed me with all of it's creation content mainly, and that was one of the major things that kept me into the series from that point on... This is why I must disagree with American Wasteland being the best Iceferno; it was a severe disappointment in the creation department after Tony Hawk's Underground 2, considering they removed Create-A-Goal all together; I think a small piece of my very soul died away the day I bought that game because of this... And the recycled park editor didn't help either.
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User Info: Codelyoko4

10 years ago#4
I agree. I lived off this game for nearly two years, I might sound like a weirdo for that. But it's true. This is probably my favorite game of all time. I love American Wasteland, (havent played the newer Tony Hawk games, not really interested) but.. playing THAW just brings back memories of THUG. And, this game got me addicted to Alkaline Trio. :D

User Info: dth_dlr

10 years ago#5
i would have to agree as well, love this game, completed it loads of times
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