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User Info: kaosmerc

11 years ago#1
i liked "like the angels" by rise against and "imaginary places" by bus driver. and some other songs.
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User Info: Iceferno

11 years ago#2
Ah yeah! "Imaginary Places" is a pretty cool song. I find it hilarious lol. I think it's the only one I really like. I can't remember the others enough to have opinions of them. Might have a shift through the other songs sometime...

User Info: jordan56

11 years ago#3
Quasimoto - Low Class Conspiracy.

I only listen to the rap songs, Rise Against, and In Flames.

User Info: Iceferno

11 years ago#4
Oh, I forgot to mention, the Kiss songs in the game are pretty sweet too :)

User Info: SnuffimabobIII

11 years ago#5
Like the Angels & Seperation of Church and State
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