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Raiku3555 10 years ago#1

dont give a crap about reviews this is my favorite fighting game if I had one game to choose from for A sequel that would be it I played this game whit my friends for at least 1000 hours am not kidding if not more I just wanted to post on my favorite fighthing game if somebody there answer me and tell me waht you like about this game lol

bajra79 10 years ago#2
never got to play anything past 3. just bought 4 to try it out. Was my favorite fighting series. Wonder if 5 will ever be made. i also thought it would be neat if they through in Guyver 1 as a hidden characer. Thought that since the first game with the whoel Zoanthrope/Zoanoid thing.
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ShadowEclair 10 years ago#3
I liked it too, but you have to admit, the downfall were the voice actors.
Gen2000 10 years ago#4
Think the series peeked at BR3, if not BR2. Primal Fury things started to get dumb with auto-dodge and Hyper Beasts forms being as abusable as they were, which became even more dumb in BR4.

Still miss the series, it had some interesting characters.
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Raiku3555 10 years ago#5

Sure did its the only fighting game I never got tired of it its really two bad all my favorite game companies died young like my favorite rpg series shadow hearts sniff............ps.sure they had horrible voice acting in this game but am talking about the fighting it was so awsome and fast paced for A 3d game fighting game

Raiku3555 10 years ago#6
yeah A guyver hidden cahracther would be awsome but not gonna happen I love guyver so munch one of my favorite movie the secound one of course its old now and the acting was not the best but the costume of guyver is still awsome to this day so was the action scene.always believed guyver should get is own game like hack and slash devil may cry style but its probably never gonna happen....
VIIVincent 10 years ago#7
BR2 was the best imo. i just hope BR5 can top BR3 and BR4. some of the most cheapest way to win was infinite ultimate beast mode in BR4. its like, why even use their human forms anymore?

moves that connect into a combo i would love. BR have a knack for not being able to combo.
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Wandering__Hero 10 years ago#8
Wait till you try 2, it will seem AMAZING
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