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User Info: racefan56

11 years ago#1
This might be a dumb question but I was looking at the cheats page and it talks about hitman levels so you can hold double of certain guns. Anyone know how to get hitman levels?

User Info: Gunners255

11 years ago#2
keep using your gun and you will get skill for it
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User Info: overcracker

11 years ago#3
Shoot a lot with a specific weapon. If you shoot a lot at people, and cars, and planes your skill level with the gun you are using increases. Once your skill level is maxed it is at Hitman Level.
You can also go the firing range and do the weapon challenges. They also increase the skill level of the weapons used in the challenges. Te firing range can be found inside most Ammunation stores around the map.

Each gun has its own Skill meter, so you need to work on it for all guns. Once they reach Hitman the guns that can be double wielded will automatically become doubled. so CJ will pull out 2 of those when you select that weapon.

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User Info: racefan56

11 years ago#4

User Info: Melanchthon

11 years ago#5
One easy method is to shoot at the hubcaps of a car. The game registers it as a hit, but it doesn't damage the car. That way you can raise your levels without blowing up the car and possibly getting a wanted level.
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User Info: veronicablushes

11 years ago#6
You can drive a car into the country away from everyone, use the Fast Clock code, and shoot at it until you've maxed it.
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