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mucky123 13 years ago#1
its been a while since i played mgs3, im going to dig it out again

but i cant remember, when you get a choice at the end of the game, between right hand or left hand,

which hand contains what?
iirc one hand contains a revolver
brolyfan001 13 years ago#2
My best advice for this is to check a FAQ.

As I recall, there are three different "endings" for three different guns. One on the left you miss shooting him. The middle he shoots you. The right you shoot him. I believe the right gun gives you a Revolver night time around.
brolyfan001 13 years ago#3
next time around.
Wula_ 13 years ago#4

wait. I thought there was only two guns

right and left

in order to get the third ending just don't fire the gun if you got the gun with the bullet in it.

BlueFrog951 13 years ago#5
there is miss the shot, get shot, shoot him, and dont shoot(when you have the loaded gun)
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mortified_pengu 13 years ago#6
Left one has the bullet in it.
NeopantomIme 13 years ago#7
3 guns. 1 has bullet, 1 doesn't of the two guns though you can of course choose not to fire, which is what I usually do but only after you have selected the one with a bullet. I find this end the most fitting....
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DemonReacher 13 years ago#8
Pick rigfht if you want the SAA
In_Eh_Nd 13 years ago#9
I don't think either of them has a bullet in them, I'm sure one has a blank.
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Hardyz001 13 years ago#10
Theres 2 guns. Right and Left. Right, has no bullet and if you choose it, then you get to have an SAA Revolver. Left , has a blank bullet in it and if you shoot you get an ending. Left the second time, you can just not shoot and you will get another ending.
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