Unofficial Patch 8.4 including new library level has been released!

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  3. Unofficial Patch 8.4 including new library level has been released!

User Info: wesp5

5 years ago#1
Happy Halloween! The latest Unofficial Patch 8.4 has been released
including the first ever new level, the recreation of the cut library :)!

Special thanks go to burgermeister for building the library map from
scratch, creating the geometry, texturing the walls, placing most of
the entities and doing the lighting, according to a layout conceived
with Wesp5. Thanks also to EntenSchreck, who added the huge cutscene
and Lenuska, who did the broadsword. Quest, puzzles, logs, surprise,
emails, note, guard and several entity fixes and additions by Wesp5.

Although the library level and 8.4 itself have been extensively beta-tested
by vladdmaster and Stosh, many thanks to both, there may still be issues,
especially with the library, as this is a completely new level. So feedback
and suggestions are welcome! Some minor issues are already known, like
a flickering decal and some weird LOD effects with two bookshelves. If you
know how to fix these, please contact us! There is also a problem with the
big cutscene not being triggered after loading a saved game. Help needed!

v8.4 31.10.2012
+Recreated library, thanks for beta testing to vladdmaster and Stosh.
+Unrestored library props elsewhere and fixed warform missing model.
+Fixed dead beachhouse dog doing damage and getting extra gallery XP.
+Added Humanity loss for killing Ash or Johansen at Leopold Society.
+Improved warehouse boss perception and swapped model with bartender.
+Removed Giovanni sarcophagus shortcut and added missing Bertram XP.
+Restored two spiderchick and fatguy animations, thanks EntenSchreck.
+Made Kiki leave Red Dragon and corrected original music at SM pier.
+Modified Potence and Thaumaturgy animations, thanks to EntenSchreck.
Improved TV and radio state consistencies in SM and downtown havens.
Fixed Humanity loss of Hollywood thugs and missing Heather options.
Prevented ways to break hospital, Mandarin and Romero quest scripts.
Fixed Cabbie's seating on some maps and people not giving jewelery.
Restored Johansen dialog Humanity changes and cut-off Beckett lines.
Fixed Venture Tower cameras and restored one Asylum elevator sound.
Added magazine quest state for killing Flynn and aborted getting it.
Corrected Hallowbrook Hotel door opening at and moved two spawners.
Fixed Isaac/Gargoyle quest state bug and adjusted several histories.
Removed bad sentence of Mercurio and one of Isaac's two "evening"s.
Fixed Ocean House double ghost encounter and moved elevator buttons.
Corrected floating Mercurio and passive guard inside Venture Tower.
Added newpaper for stealth Glaze and changed Fu newspaper condition.
Corrected King's Way details and a Hollywood Asian theater trigger.
Fixed Ash, Jack, Vandal, Romero, Mercurio and Therese dialogue bugs.
Restored unaccessible Prince, Damsel, Flynn, Hatter and Ming lines.
Decreased Fu Syndicate's cross guy timeout and fixed a bad doorknob.
Disabled buggy spawner in warrens level and fixed Noir cop problem.

User Info: vlado_e

5 years ago#2
Woot, library! Finally :) So is there a quest to open it, or can we go right in?

And, once more, great job to everybody involved!
We do what we must / because we can. / For the good of all of us. / Except the ones who are dead.

User Info: wesp5

5 years ago#3
Of course there is a quest connected to it. You need to have found Andrei and killed Bishop Vick...

User Info: RevanXXXIII

5 years ago#4
Thank you, Wesp, for all your amazing work!

User Info: wesp5

5 years ago#5
Quick update! There was an issue with the new library level which has been fixed in the hotfix below. As a bonus you'll get some improvements to the beachhouse map too :). Just extract into the main VTMB game directory.

User Info: provett

5 years ago#6
This game is awesome cuz you do these things.
Best Buy sucks so bad, I have to Sig it!
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User Info: wesp5

5 years ago#7
It seems the GameFront mirror is down, get the patch from Moddb instead:
(includes the hotfix and is available while the GameFront mirror is down)

User Info: hamster45

5 years ago#8
I upgraded from 8.2 to 8.4.1 (hot fix). Made sure to preserved my autoexec.cfg. Finally started today after working out a history to play.

Santa Monica has telephone lines, and they are all over the sky, waving and flapping, not at all realistic. Even a sign chain is flapping, contrary to laws of physics.

In console, I entered: rope_shake 0 (or the console thinks this should be: rope_shake "0"). This seemed to stop the wires flapping.

Then when I come back out of Mercurio's, the wires are wildly moving again. Repeated use of console.

Went into tattoo parlor and the cord for a light fixture is flapping (inside the building, without wind??). Used rope_shake "0" again. But then when I exit building, back to the Santa Monica street, the overhead telephone lines are flapping like crazy again. Those lines look kind of ugly anyway--I don't remember them from version 8.2. Is there any way to disable the rope_shake so that it stays disabled? Every time my vampire makes a doorway level transition the effect comes back on.

Looking forward to playing this.

User Info: wesp5

5 years ago#9
hamster45 posted...
I upgraded from 8.2 to 8.4.1 (hot fix).

Uh, I don't know if the 8.4.1 hotfix will work correctly on 8.2, it is intended for 8.4 only!

Santa Monica has telephone lines, and they are all over the sky, waving and flapping, not at all realistic. Even a sign chain is flapping, contrary to laws of physics.

Yes, this is because you are playing a Malkavian and Malkavians are totally crazy :)!

User Info: kaptureck

5 years ago#10
so to make it clear, are various disciplines like potence, protean or auspex give u abililities above 5? when abilities are maxed. f.e is protean 4 give u 9 str?
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  3. Unofficial Patch 8.4 including new library level has been released!

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