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DarkAssailent 12 years ago#1
Quick questions regarding diablerie. If you diablerie someone of the same generation, or lower (as in higher number) generation, does it do anything? What happens if you (luckily) manage to diablerie someone of two generations higher (as in lower number) than you? Do you skip to their generation or just improve by a generation? And lastly, can you group diablerie?
NightmareKind 12 years ago#2
Diablerie isn't really that much a part of this game. You never get to do or even see it occur.
DarkAssailent 12 years ago#3
Well, I meant the idea, not in this game ^_^
Mithralin 12 years ago#4
You skip a generation as far as memory goes. And no you cannot group diablerie. Only one kindred cannot absorb enough blood for it to work.
Mithralin 12 years ago#5
Oh and if you diablerie of a generation higher than your own, you´ll just get more potent blood.
DarkAssailent 12 years ago#6
So you only get stronger if you diablerie others of your generation or higher, and if all the antediluvians were diableried by kindred of the 5th generation, then they will only turn to 4th generation, making the 4th generation vampires the strongest?
Lysamus 12 years ago#7
Committing Diablerie against a vampire of the same or more potent generation than yourself will cause you to increase the potency of your own generation by one step (thus, if you were 13th generation, and you diablerize a 10th generation, you will now be a 12th generation). In addition, I believe you also have access to some of the diablerized vampire's disciplines for a limited number of time, and may gain a permanent dot in one of the diablerized vampire's disciplines if that discipline is significantly higher than your own.

In extraordinary circumstances, if the difference in generation is potent enough, a vampire may in fact skip a generation. If for instance, a 13th generation managed to diablerize an Antidelluvian (good luck), he/she would probably skip a few generations (probably rocket down to 8th or 7th generation, given the extreme potency of an Antidelluvian's blood). However, a 5th generation would probably only improve to a 4th generation.
"Ten thousand fools proclaim themselves into obscurity, while one wise man forgets himself into immortality. - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr."
DarkAssailent 12 years ago#8
Wait, diablering a guy of the same generation will cause you to increase potency by a generation? So if the antediluvians managed to diablerie one another, they can become second generation? And fourth generations diablerieing one another can make them become third?
Lysamus 12 years ago#9
I think that's right, but that one I'm honestly not entirely sure about. Maybe I'm mixing up diablerie with some of the rules pertaining disciplines and their effects based on generation.

I'll have to re-read that portion when I get ahold of the book again.
"Ten thousand fools proclaim themselves into obscurity, while one wise man forgets himself into immortality. - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr."
Solidus-Prime 12 years ago#10
Diablerie isnt just draining the blood of another vampire, you drain their blood and keep going. You drain their soul, the very essence of who they are.

If a vampire diablerizes a vampire of stronger generation, he will move up one step. IF that person was powerful, or had any very strong character traits ingrained in them, say, a strong love of flowers, the diablerizer -may- exhibit these traits for a time...he might find himself oddly attracted to flowers all of a sudden. If the victim was VERY strong, there is a chance you would skip more than one generation.

If the blood is REALLY potent, there is a chance that a group of vampires can reap the rewards.

There have also been a few cases of the victim's soul being so strong that it takes over it's attackers body. The tremere antedeluvian diablerized the founder of the Salubri, and the Salubri managed to take the body completely over and flee. The Lasombra anteduluvian allowed himself to be diablerized so he could take another form.

Diablerizing someone also taints a persons aura with black veins. (The aura viewed through auspex)
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