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--------------Experience and Levels--------------

If you win a battle, all the borgs you used will gain 2 experience. If you lose or quit a battle, all the borgs you used will gain 1 experience. If a borg gets enough experience, it will level up. Most borgs level up according to the following schedule:

Level 1: 0 experience
Level 2: 10 experience
Level 3: 30 experience
Level 4: 60 experience
Level 5: 100 experience
Level 6: 150 experience
Level 7: 210 experience
Level 8: 280 experience
Level 9: 360 experience
Level 10: 450 experience

Some borgs level up at half this rate and some level up at twice this rate. For a list of the borgs that follow each level-up schedule, see the following pages:




When a borg levels up, its maximum HP increases. The size of the increase depends on the borg; to find it, go to the borg's page on the following list:


Some borgs' ammo capacities also increase when they level up. A borg cannot go beyond level 10 through normal gameplay, but higher levels are possible with the use of the 20th force glitch. See the section on the glitch for more information.

--------------Level 10 Bonuses--------------

Certain Death Borgs receive special bonuses when they each level 10. The following borgs gain an extra Death Eye:

* Death Borg Sigma II
* Death Borg Lambda II
* Death Borg Alpha II
* Death Borg Zeta II

The extra Death Eye allows these borgs to fire more shots at a time. Death Borg Gamma and Death Borg Gamma II also receive a special bonus at level 10. Their melee attacks shoot out short-range beams similar to those created by Sword Knight's melee attacks.

--------------Hyper Mode/Power Burst--------------

You can fill the hyper meter by attacking enemies. After you press Y to enter hyper mode (also known as power burst), you will gain several benefits for a short time:

* Faster movement
* Faster attacks
* Attacks deal more damage. The attack must hit the enemy while you're in hyper mode; it doesn't matter when it is fired.
* Faster reloading of attacks
* Faster charging of charge attacks
* Less damage from enemy attacks
* Less flinching from enemy attacks
* Allied attacks (including your own attacks if you're using a borg that can damage itself, such as ICBM Tank) will pass through you harmlessly

If you have another human player on your team, both players must press Y at roughly the same time to enter hyper mode. If you and your ally are using two halves of a fused borg, entering hyper mode will trigger a fusion, as discussed in the section below.