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This topic will answer some common questions about Gotcha Force and provide useful information about the game.


20th Force Glitch
G Black and Galactic Emperor
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--------------20th Force Glitch--------------

The 20th force glitch enables you to change various aspects of a borg. You can change one borg into another, change the color and level of a borg, give a borg certain attributes of another borg, and obtain borgs that are normally impossible to get. There are various ways to perform the glitch, all of which involve moving borgs around while the 20th force is selected. For instructions on performing the glitch and more details on what it can do, see the following resources:



--------------G Black and Galactic Emperor--------------

G Black is a borg hidden in the game's code. He was given to attendees at a special event in Japan many years ago. His picture and statistics can be found on this page:


There is no known way to obtain G Black through ordinary gameplay. However, he can be obtained through the use of the 20th force glitch (see the section above). In particular, see the "Changing a Borg's Identity" section of the following page:


G Black's force sequence is 2, 4, 6, 10, 11.

Galactic Emperor, the game's final boss, is also believed to be unobtainable through normal gameplay. He too can be obtained with the 20th force glitch. Galactic Emperor's force sequence is 3, 10, 11, 12.

These borgs can also be obtained with the Borg Modifier Action Replay code. See the section below for the codes and for more information on using them.

--------------Borg Modifier Action Replay Code--------------

The borg modifier code is a code for Action Replay, a cheat device, that allows you to change one borg into another. The code was created by Try Gotcha Force. At one time, this code was the only known way to obtain borgs such as G Black and Galactic Emperor. With the discovery of the 20th force glitch, the borg modifier code became less important, but it is still occasionally useful. See the following page for more information:


Here is a code for G Black:


Here is a code for Galactic Emperor:


Here is a code for G Black that works in PAL regions, such as Europe:


Here is a PAL Galactic Emperor code:


Thanks to Try Gotcha Force, Donny2112, Ido X, and YanniOblivion for these codes.