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User Info: Manocheese

5 years ago#1
This topic will answer some common questions about Gotcha Force and provide useful information about the game.


20th Force Glitch
G Black and Galactic Emperor
Borg Modifier Action Replay Code
Mutant Borgs
Rare Colors/Cubes Next to Names
Obtaining Borgs/Data Crystals
Obtaining Borgs--Details
Obtaining Borgs--Grinding Tips
Story Mode Play Numbers
Unlockables/Extra G Reds/Extra Neo G Reds
Special Mode
Sho and Orochi
Hidden Story Mode Battles
Story Mode Help
Experience and Levels
Level 10 Bonuses
Hyper Mode/Power Burst
Fused Borgs
Locations of Elusive Borgs
Challenge Mode
Hidden Controls
GF Energy Limits
Warehouse Size

--------------20th Force Glitch--------------

The 20th force glitch enables you to change various aspects of a borg. You can change one borg into another, change the color and level of a borg, give a borg certain attributes of another borg, and obtain borgs that are normally impossible to get. There are various ways to perform the glitch, all of which involve moving borgs around while the 20th force is selected. For instructions on performing the glitch and more details on what it can do, see the following resources:



--------------G Black and Galactic Emperor--------------

G Black is a borg hidden in the game's code. He was given to attendees at a special event in Japan many years ago. His picture and statistics can be found on this page:


There is no known way to obtain G Black through ordinary gameplay. However, he can be obtained through the use of the 20th force glitch (see the section above). In particular, see the "Changing a Borg's Identity" section of the following page:


G Black's force sequence is 2, 4, 6, 10, 11.

Galactic Emperor, the game's final boss, is also believed to be unobtainable through normal gameplay. He too can be obtained with the 20th force glitch. Galactic Emperor's force sequence is 3, 10, 11, 12.

These borgs can also be obtained with the Borg Modifier Action Replay code. See the section below for the codes and for more information on using them.

--------------Borg Modifier Action Replay Code--------------

The borg modifier code is a code for Action Replay, a cheat device, that allows you to change one borg into another. The code was created by Try Gotcha Force. At one time, this code was the only known way to obtain borgs such as G Black and Galactic Emperor. With the discovery of the 20th force glitch, the borg modifier code became less important, but it is still occasionally useful. See the following page for more information:


Here is a code for G Black:


Here is a code for Galactic Emperor:


Here is a code for G Black that works in PAL regions, such as Europe:


Here is a PAL Galactic Emperor code:


Thanks to Try Gotcha Force, Donny2112, Ido X, and YanniOblivion for these codes.



User Info: Manocheese

5 years ago#2
--------------Mutant Borgs--------------

By using the 20th force glitch (see the section near the top of this guide), you can give a borg various attributes of another borg. For example, you can create a Death Borg Lambda II with as much health and ammo as an Ultimate Cannon. Such borgs are known as mutant borgs. This video shows some examples of mutant borgs:


See the following page for information on creating mutant borgs:


--------------Rare Colors/Cubes Next to Names--------------

There are six different "colors" of borgs:

* Normal
* Alternate
* Clear/crystal
* Silver
* Gold
* Black/shadow

Normal borgs are the most common, followed by alternate borgs, then clear, then silver, then gold, then black. The last four colors in the list above are sometimes called the "solid" colors. The color of a borg can be determined by looking next to their name in the Gotcha Box. If their name has no cube next to it, the borg is normal. The other colors have specific cubes associated with them:

* Alternate: Yellow, red, and green cube
* Clear: Blue cube
* Silver: Silver cube
* Gold: Gold cube
* Black: Black cube

For the purposes of determining how much HP and ammo a borg has, its color effectively changes its level:

* Normal and alternate borgs have no change.
* Clear borgs have two levels less than normal.
* Silver borgs have four levels more than normal.
* Gold borgs have six levels more than normal.
* Black borgs have two levels more than normal.

See the "Experience and Levels" section for more information. Rare-colored borgs, i.e. borgs of any color other than normal, appear by chance in place of their normal counterparts. They follow certain rules:

* A borg present at the beginning of a battle cannot be a rare color.
* A borg controlled by a commander usually cannot be a rare color. There are a few exceptions to this rule. If a commander appears in the middle of a battle, like Sho in "Retake Serenity Street," their first borg can be rare-colored. Also, Orochi can control rare-colored borgs in "The Decisive Battle! Defeat the Cosmic Dragon" at Sky Fortress.

If you encounter a rare-colored borg in a battle, there is a chance that you will get a crystal for it. As with normal borgs, you must collect all the crystals for a rare-colored borg to obtain the borg. See the next section for more information.

Not all borgs have alternate versions. A list of all borgs with alternate versions can be found on this page:




User Info: Manocheese

5 years ago#3
--------------Obtaining Borgs/Data Crystals--------------

Every borg in the game can be obtained. A few of them (G Black and Galactic Emperor) require the use of the 20th force glitch or Action Replay; see the section on those borgs for more information. You can obtain the rest through normal gameplay. Simply fight a borg repeatedly and you will eventually get a data crystal for it. You must win a battle in order to receive any crystals afterward. Some borgs require only one data crystal, so you will get the whole borg all at once. Others require up to five crystals. If you press L while in the Gotcha Box, you can view a list of your crystals. Each crystal has a number that looks like this:


The first letter indicates the color of the crystal. See the section above for more information on colors. Here are the possible values of the first letter:

N: Normal
A: Alternate
C: Clear
S: Silver
G: Gold
B: Black

The number after the first letter is the number of the borg. You can look up borgs by their number on the Collection screen (accessible from the main menu). You can also use this list:


The last letter indicates which crystal you have. For example, if a borg requires four data crystals, then there are A, B, C, and D crystals. Once you collect one of each, they will automatically combine and produce a borg. If you highlight a data crystal in the list, you can see how many crystals that borg requires. You can also find that information by clicking on the borg's name in the link above.

See the next two section for details on obtaining borgs and a method to obtain them faster.

--------------Obtaining Borgs--Details--------------

This section discusses some technical details related to obtaining data crystals. The exact method by which the game decides whether to give you a crystal (and what crystal to give you) is unknown. Here is one theory on how it works. Each color of each borg has a "counter" associated with it. For example, normal Drill Robot has a counter, as does alternate Drill Robot, clear Drill Robot, and every other color of Drill Robot. Each counter starts at 0. Every time you win a battle containing a certain color of a certain borg, the counter for that color increases. This increase is called a "counter hit." The amount of the increase depends on several factors:

* The rarity of the borg. For rarer borgs, the counter increases by a smaller amount. A borg's rarity may not be specified exactly by the rarity listed in-game. For example, some A-rank borgs may be rarer than other A-rank borgs.
* Your score in the battle (possibly). Higher scores result in bigger counter hits.
* The play number (possibly). Higher play numbers result in bigger counter hits.
* The color of the borg. Normal and alternate borgs seem to get the same counter hits, but the other colors get larger increases.
* Randomness.

When the counter for a certain color gets to some number (let's say 100), you get a crystal for that borg and the counter resets to 0. The crystal you get is picked randomly. It is not known if the counter "rolls over" past 0 or not. For example, if a color has a counter of 99 and you get a counter hit of 5, it is not known whether the counter will go to 4 or 0.

For more information on this "counter theory," see the following topic:




User Info: Manocheese

5 years ago#4
--------------Obtaining Borgs--Grinding Tips--------------

A problem frequently encountered when one is trying to get a borg is that you can receive duplicates of the same crystals. The more crystals a borg requires, the more likely you are to receive duplicates as you get close to having all the crystals. This section describes a strategy to circumvent this problem.

1. Fight a battle containing the borg in Special Mode (see the Special Mode section for more information).
2. If you don't get a crystal for the borg, save. If you get a duplicate crystal, reset. If you get a new crystal, save.
3. Go back to step 1.

With this method, if you get a duplicate crystal, you will most likely get a crystal again the next time you play the battle. See the section above for a theory on why this method works.

--------------Story Mode Play Numbers--------------

The Story Mode play counter stops at 8. This is not a glitch.

The 8 plays have some differences between them. As the play number increases, the enemies gradually get tougher. They have better AI and more health. It is believed that obtaining rare borgs is easier on higher play numbers. There are also differences in the missions. For example, it may not be possible to have both Sho and Orochi in your party in Play #1, but it is possible in later plays. The exact nature of these differences is not known.

--------------Unlockables/Extra G Reds/Extra Neo G Reds--------------

When you beat "The Decisive Battle! Defeat the Dark Knight" for the first time, G Red turns into Neo G Red. You can unlock more G Reds and Neo G Reds as well as game features by beating certain play numbers in Story Mode:

Play 1: Unlock option to fight without a partner in Story Mode.
Play 2: Unlock Special Mode (see the section below).
Play 3: Unlock G Red.
Play 4: Unlock alternate G Red (see the Rare Colors section).
Play 5: Unlock clear G Red.
Play 6: Unlock silver G Red.
Play 7: Unlock gold G Red.
Play 8: Unlock black G Red.

If you beat the last four play numbers a second time using the Replay option, you will unlock more borgs:

Play 5: Unlock clear Neo G Red.
Play 6: Unlock silver Neo G Red.
Play 7: Unlock gold Neo G Red.
Play 8: Unlock black Neo G Red.

There is no alternate Neo G Red.

--------------Special Mode--------------

After beating Play 2, you will unlock Special Mode. When you start Special Mode, you can select a play number. You will then be able to replay any battles you have fought on that play number. This mode is ideal if you want to play a battle repeatedly to get a certain borg. Your GF Energy is capped at 2200 in Special Mode.

If you use the Replay option to play a certain play number more than once, any battles you fight will be added to the list of battles available in Special Mode. Battles you have fought previously will not be removed from the list. For example, the Galactic Emperor battle varies depending on which allies have joined your party. If you have two different sets of allies on two playthroughs, both versions of the battle will be available in Special Mode. Also, there are some battles where the dialogue before or after the battle changes depending on which other battles you have won. Even if the battle itself is identical, both versions of it may be listed in Special Mode.



User Info: Manocheese

5 years ago#5
--------------Sho and Orochi--------------

Sho and Orochi can join you as allies under certain conditions. The exact conditions are unknown and may depend on the play number. If you want these characters as allies, play every battle against them and win. Make sure not to miss the Sho battle right before "Destroy the Flame Dragon"; to unlock it, win every battle up to that point. Also, some players claim that Sho will not join you if you take too much time to get through Story Mode.

--------------Hidden Story Mode Battles--------------

A number of Story Mode battles are easily missed because they only appear under certain conditions.

* Training battles involving Sho or Orochi will only appear if every character in the battle has joined you. There are several such battles.

* There are two versions of "The End of Death Commander Tama" in Greater Tricity Area. One version has a yellow icon and tends to appear in Play 1 if Orochi doesn't join you. The other version has a red icon. In the yellow version, you fight against Orochi and a Death Force team. In the red version, Orochi is absent. The yellow version gives you an opportunity to fight Victory Baron and Demon Wing. It is the only place where either of these borgs is guaranteed to appear.

* There are two versions of "Defeat a Death Commander" in the Construction Zone. In one version, you fight against Tama and a Death Force team. In another version, you fight against only Tama. These battles can appear if you lose certain battles involving the Death Crystals.

Some battles have the same names as other battles, so it's easy to mistakenly think you've played them.

* After you beat "Defeat the Elite Unit" at the Market Place, another battle with the same name appears at the same place. However, it is a totally different battle.

* After "The Gigantic Battle! Defeat the Cyber Death Dragon," a "Defeat the Death Force Unit" battle with a red icon appears at Stone River. This is not an ordinary Death Force unit battle; it contains Machine Head and Mechanical Dragon, and is the only battle that contains either of them. After you win, another battle with the same name and the same red icon appears at the same place. It is a different battle, though. It contains Death Head and Cyber Dragon.



User Info: Manocheese

5 years ago#6
--------------Story Mode Help--------------

Certain battles in Story Mode can be hard the first time around. This section describes strategies to make those battles easier.

Battle with Sho (Little Hill)

Use G Red. Position yourself so that a stump is between you and Sho, then use G Buster (the charge attack) repeatedly. Sho won't be able to hit you.

Defeat the Death Force Bodyguards

When Sapphire Knight appears, focus on killing him before Ruby Knight. Otherwise, Sapphire Knight can easily hit you with his Mega Lance Beam.

The Death Commander Orochi Appears

Kill all of Orochi's borgs before touching the other forces. That way, you won't have to deal with her while you're fighting those forces. When Sapphire Knight appears, focus on killing him before Ruby Knight. Otherwise, Sapphire Knight can easily hit you with his Mega Lance Beam.

The Decisive Battle! Defeat the Dark Knight

Start with a Normal Ninja. Go underneath the Plasma Dragon and he won't be able to hit you. Stay on the ground and kill the Death Borgs. Once they're gone, throw bombs at the Plasma Dragon. The explosions will damage him through the floor. When the Dark Knight appears, ignore the Sapphire and Ruby Knights and go straight for the Dark Knight.

Defeat a Death Commander (Market Place)

Start with a Revolver Gunman. Target the unnamed Beam Satellites (the ones that don't say Tama) first, then go after Tama's satellites. Run around underneath the satellite you're targeting and shoot at it. If you are careful, you can get to Death Arc with full or nearly full health. From there, you should have plenty of borgs left to kill Death Arc.

The Dragon's Den

Use cheap borgs with long-range attacks like Battle Girl and Revolver Gunman. Stay away from the dragons to make it easier to dodge their attacks. When there is only one small dragon left, a Flame Dragon will appear. Kill him before killing the remaining small dragon; otherwise, you will have to fight three big dragons at once. When Flame Dragon dies, two more big dragons will appear. Finish off the small dragon, then get right behind one of the big ones. That way, the other dragon will damage the one next to you. Shoot the dragons until they die.

The Final Battle! Defeat the Galactic Emperor

If you have Gatling Tank or Gatling Gunner, their fast shots are helpful in this battle. Any long-range borg that can move fairly quickly (like Command Girl or Battle Girl) would be a decent addition to your force. Make sure you get a full heal from Mana before she dies. Also, make sure the last borg on your force is fast so you can dodge Galactic Emperor's lasers. If you're close to losing, you can focus on dodging and let Tama attack. If all else fails, you can play the Death Force missions over and over again to get more GF energy.



User Info: Manocheese

5 years ago#7
--------------Experience and Levels--------------

If you win a battle, all the borgs you used will gain 2 experience. If you lose or quit a battle, all the borgs you used will gain 1 experience. If a borg gets enough experience, it will level up. Most borgs level up according to the following schedule:

Level 1: 0 experience
Level 2: 10 experience
Level 3: 30 experience
Level 4: 60 experience
Level 5: 100 experience
Level 6: 150 experience
Level 7: 210 experience
Level 8: 280 experience
Level 9: 360 experience
Level 10: 450 experience

Some borgs level up at half this rate and some level up at twice this rate. For a list of the borgs that follow each level-up schedule, see the following pages:




When a borg levels up, its maximum HP increases. The size of the increase depends on the borg; to find it, go to the borg's page on the following list:


Some borgs' ammo capacities also increase when they level up. A borg cannot go beyond level 10 through normal gameplay, but higher levels are possible with the use of the 20th force glitch. See the section on the glitch for more information.

--------------Level 10 Bonuses--------------

Certain Death Borgs receive special bonuses when they each level 10. The following borgs gain an extra Death Eye:

* Death Borg Sigma II
* Death Borg Lambda II
* Death Borg Alpha II
* Death Borg Zeta II

The extra Death Eye allows these borgs to fire more shots at a time. Death Borg Gamma and Death Borg Gamma II also receive a special bonus at level 10. Their melee attacks shoot out short-range beams similar to those created by Sword Knight's melee attacks.

--------------Hyper Mode/Power Burst--------------

You can fill the hyper meter by attacking enemies. After you press Y to enter hyper mode (also known as power burst), you will gain several benefits for a short time:

* Faster movement
* Faster attacks
* Attacks deal more damage. The attack must hit the enemy while you're in hyper mode; it doesn't matter when it is fired.
* Faster reloading of attacks
* Faster charging of charge attacks
* Less damage from enemy attacks
* Less flinching from enemy attacks
* Allied attacks (including your own attacks if you're using a borg that can damage itself, such as ICBM Tank) will pass through you harmlessly

If you have another human player on your team, both players must press Y at roughly the same time to enter hyper mode. If you and your ally are using two halves of a fused borg, entering hyper mode will trigger a fusion, as discussed in the section below.



User Info: Manocheese

5 years ago#8
--------------Fused Borgs--------------

There are six fused borgs (also known as combined borgs) in the game. Although versions of these borgs can be obtained with the 20th force glitch (see the end of this section), the intended way to use them is to enter hyper mode while the two halves of the borg are being controlled by allies at the same time. Here are the possible combinations:

Machine Red + Machine Blue = Cyber Machine Seiryu
Machine Red + Cyber Atlas = Cyber Machine Byakko
Cyber Mars + Machine Blue = Cyber Machine Genbu
Cyber Mars + Cyber Atlas = Cyber Machine Suzaku
Machine Head + Mechanical Dragon = Machine Dragon
Death Head + Cyber Dragon = Cyber Death Dragon

The borgs on the left in this list will be referred to as "top borgs" and the borgs in the middle will be referred to as "bottom borgs." Once you press Y to enter hyper mode, a transformation sequence will play. The color of the fused borg will be the same as the color of the top borg. The usual benefits of hyper mode (as described in the section above) will not apply, but hyper mode will last quite a bit longer than usual.

The controls for fused borgs depend on whether your ally is a computer or a human. If two human players fuse, the player controlling the top borg will control movement and melee attacks. To perform the powerful X charge attack, both players must hold X and release it at roughly the same time. The remaining attacks are divided between the players as follows:

Cyber Machine Seiryu: Machine Red can fire lasers with B and buster lasers with X. Machine Blue can fire missiles with B.

Cyber Machine Byakko: Machine Red can fire lasers with B and buster lasers with X. Cyber Atlas can fire remote beams with B.

Cyber Machine Genbu: Cyber Mars can fire lasers with B and buster lasers with X. Machine Blue can fire missiles with B.

Cyber Machine Suzaku: Cyber Mars can fire lasers with B and buster lasers with X. Cyber Atlas can fire remote beams with B.

Machine Dragon: Machine Head can fire lasers with B and use Machine Destruction with B Charge. Mechanical Dragon can fire remote beams with B.

Cyber Death Dragon: Death Head can fire lasers with B and use Cyber Destruction with B Charge. Cyber Dragon can fire remote beams with B.

If your ally is a computer, you will have control of movement, melee attacks, the X charge attack, and the attacks associated with the top borg. The computer will have control of the remaining attacks (i.e. the attacks that a human player could perform by pressing B if they were controlling the bottom borg).

If a fused borg is killed, both of the component borgs die. If a fused borg survives until hyper mode is over, the component borgs will return to normal. The fused borg's remaining HP will be divided between them.

The 20th force glitch can be used to obtain pre-fused versions of the fused borgs. See the 20th force glitch section for more information on performing the glitch. The pre-fused versions of Cyber Death Dragon and Machine Dragon work perfectly, but the pre-fused versions of the Cyber Machines have various problems:

* Attempting to perform the X charge attack will freeze the game.
* The shields that usually surround the Cyber Machines will not be present.
* Some pre-fused Cyber Machines cannot gain experience.

Despite these problems, the pre-fused Cyber Machines are still quite powerful. However, you should make sure they are never on a computer player's force in Versus Mode. The computer will inevitably use the charge attack and freeze the game.



User Info: Manocheese

5 years ago#9
--------------Locations of Elusive Borgs--------------

So far, this guide has discussed how to obtain the following borgs:

* G Black
* Galactic Emperor
* G Red
* Neo G Red
* Fused borgs

For help obtaining these borgs, see the appropriate section. You can learn where to find most other borgs by using Ctrl+F to search for the borg's name in Fury Hikari's FAQ:


Here are a few more borgs that can be tough to find:

* Death Borg Beta III: Can be found in "Defeat the Death Borg Unit" at Mana's House. Note that the battle is called "Defeat the Death BORG Unit", not "Defeat the Death FORCE Unit".

* Victory Baron/Demon Wing: Can be found in the yellow version of "The End of Death Commander Tama" at Greater Tricity Area. See the "Hidden Story Mode Battles" section for information on unlocking this battle.

* Machine Head/Mechanical Dragon: Can be found in the first red version of "Defeat the Death Force Unit" at Stone River. See the "Hidden Story Mode Battles" section for information on unlocking this battle.

* Death Head/Cyber Dragon: Even though you don't fight these borgs directly in "The Gigantic Battle! Defeat the Cyber Death Dragon", they can still be obtained there. They can also be found in the second red version of "Defeat the Death Force Unit" at Stone River. See the "Hidden Story Mode Battles" section for information on unlocking this battle.

--------------Challenge Mode--------------

Challenge Mode lets you fight through a series of battles with a computer ally or human ally. You don't get anything for beating it; it is just for fun. There are three difficulties:

* Normal: 1500 GF energy limit. 5 battles.
* Tuff: 2000 GF energy limit. 10 battles.
* Insane: 2500 GF energy limit. 15 battles.

In each battle, you face two enemy teams. The borgs on these teams are picked according to certain rules. The exact rules are unknown, but the following description seems approximately correct. Each team is selected independently of the other. For each battle, there is a pool of borgs that can be selected. There is also a GF energy cap for each team. The game goes through the following procedure:

1. Pick a borg at random from the pool of possible borgs.
2. If there is enough GF energy to put it on the force, do so and return to step 1. If there isn't enough GF energy, the force is complete.

If you are fighting with a computer ally, their team is selected according to the same rules, but their GF energy cap and pool of possible borgs are different.



User Info: Manocheese

5 years ago#10
--------------Hidden Controls--------------

There are a few controls in the game that are not discussed in the instruction manual or the game itself.

* You can retract Wire Girl's wire by pressing X twice in quick succession.
* After zooming in on a part of the map, you can rotate the camera with the C stick.
* While selecting a force in Versus Mode, you can press Z to view detailed information about the force's borgs.
* Victory King has three forms. When you press X to switch between them, the form you switch to depends on your current form and current location:
** Walking form: Press X while on the ground to switch to tank form. Press X while in the air to switch to plane form.
** Tank form: Press X while on the ground to switch to walking form. Press X while in the air to switch to plane form.
** Plane form: Press X while you're right next to the ground to switch to tank form. Press X while in the air to switch to walking form.

--------------GF Energy Limits--------------

The GF energy limit depends on which mode you are playing.

* In a playthrough of Story Mode, you can raise the limit up to 3500 GF.
* In Special Mode, the limit is 2200 GF.
* In Versus Mode, you can set the limit. You cannot set it above the cost of the most expensive force in your box.
* In Challenge Mode, the limit depends on the difficulty. Normal has a limit of 1500 GF. Tuff has a limit of 2000 GF. Insane has a limit of 2500 GF.

--------------Warehouse Size--------------

The Warehouse can store 2000 borgs. The box can store 200 borgs.
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