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User Info: joeljinn

4 months ago#1
Hey guys, created a new account just to post on this board. MR4 was and is still my favorite game to date and I decided to revisit the game for the 3rd time.

As of now I have raised a monster to the highest stat I can so far (4396), and I'll be sharing my tips and tricks here.
This is not a guide but rather a list of how you can maximize your training.

This is my monster (4396) at it's 5th growth stage a.k.a retirement; I'm using a Pipo Ape (Pipo Ape/?) for this one.
1st growth:
2nd growth:
3rd growth:
4th growth:

This is the monster I've raised alongside it (4241); a Dark Antlan. Not the best stats I can go but it still went pretty far.

This is the most optimal gadget layout for it's space.


Before you start raising a monster, to optimize it's stat and rank you'll be required to combine 2 monsters (Rank A/S) that will result it a C rank monster. This is important as you'll be competing in fewer battles so to optimize your stats.
You'll need Tough Heart (Iron Heart) as well for the reduced fatigue.
And assuming you have:
  1. Money for max Watermelons and White Pots (and Vitamins)
  2. Necessary effect gadgets and medals
  3. Save every week and reset whereas necessary

A) Set up gadgets

  • (lv.2) M Sandbag and M Life Blade (or M Target)
  • (lv.4) I Pendulum, I Moving Target and I Running Mac
  • (effect) 2 Wind Drums and a Wonder Well
  1. Max stats will be for POW, ACC, LIF and DEF. Reason being the lv.4 gadgets have a primary and secondary stat gain which is in favor of the 4 stats.
  2. Effect gadgets stack, thus the reason I use 2 Wind Drums for the focus gain. Wonder Well is in place to reduce the extra stress.
  3. Training will never fall below 70%, with the average being 85% and up. It will only fall below 70% at 3rd/4th growth onward depending on the monster's growth type (e.g. Late bloomer, premature strong etc)

B) Free time and food

  • Feed only Watermelon and gift White Pots
  • Use Vitamins to make monsters' size normal
  • Never praise your monsters, scold every rest week to maintain policy
  • Use Oily Oil before competitions
  • Get to Rank S asap while your monsters haven't reached their peak yet
  1. Watermelon is the cheapest food to get that reduces the most stress, same for White Pots. There are other items that reduces more stress but we'll be using White Pots as they are the most cost-effective.
  2. Praising your monsters may relieve stress, but for the policy change it is most optimal to stay Normal, thus no praising is needed. Items and food will do the job of reducing stress instead.
  3. Scolding them while resting maintains policy at Normal, as items also makes policy change. Feeding Watermelons and gifting White Pots after scolding resets it's stress, and policy stays Normal till retirement. Reset if policy changes to Easier or Harder.
  4. As Oily Oil is expensive, use them only before competitions. Spamming Oily Oil every week is not going to work once you start using lv.4 gadgets as it does not relieve stress and it is better to use White Pots instead.
  5. Getting your monsters to high ranks as fast as possible means more weeks for training.

C) Training

  • Keep drilling on one of M Sandbag/ M Life Blade until you hit the first +27 stat
  • Once you see a +27, transition to full lv.4 gadgets
  • Keep the 4 main stats balanced
  • Reset if monster shows Frustrated or Tired
  • When your monsters reach 4th growth (few months before retirement), use lv.1 training
  1. Before 1st growth using lv.2 gadgets will produce the most optimal stat gain.
  2. The first +27 stat usually shows up after 1st growth.
  3. Keeping the 4 stats balanced makes it easier to touch up on any lacking stat when near retirement. The order of lv.4 gadgets I've been using are I Pendulum followed by I Moving Target and lastly I Running Mac.
  4. Being Frustrated or Tired takes a lifespan hit so avoid them.
  5. Using lv.1 training is better than lv.2 or lv.4 gadgets as success rate is always above 85%

End result would be netting at least 3 999 stats for it's lifespan.
There may be better training methods but I'll be listing the ones I found most useful. Also referring to megamonk4's guide will help a ton.


Also some side notes:
  • Oily Oil can make monsters Chubby
  • Best way to farm money is to go on Kawrea Volcano + and getting Gold Nuggets (each week should be netting you at least 50000 money)
  • You can optimize stat growth further by getting Hi Traits from adventure level 15+
  • Use Ducken or Jell for all search traits
  • Madillo has the best move (ArmCombo) with S LIF/ A ACC rating with equippable lore,; can one shot Kawrea Volcano + monsters up till stage 6 (with 999 POW)
  • /? sub-breed monsters have lower lifespan compared to main breeds
  • Soft resetting does not reduce monster's lifespan
  • Only raise 2 monsters at a time for gadget usage

User Info: CrimsonX4

1 month ago#2
Whoa! Impressive thank you for sharing.
I’m planing to revisit this game (I haven’t played it since I was young) and found this incredibly instructive.
I eat wizards.
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