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User Info: krnkph3

7 months ago#1
Just wanted to get an idea of what kind of techniques people like to train with. I can't seem to get my monster's policies to normal without stressing out my monster.

User Info: Protocurity

5 months ago#2
I've tried a few things myself when starting from a new file.

Experiment 1: Never praise the monster. This will keep the gains high, but the side effect is that your bond will grow very slowly. You'll still have a 50/50 shot of being bullish/timid for a long time, making your monsters utterly useless in battle.

Experiment 2: Praise over 80, scold under 80, give anti-stress items to the monsters whenever possible. This still resulted in the monsters getting frustrated constantly.

Experiment 3: Praise over 80, scold under 70, give anti-stress items to the monster whenever possible. This is the one I'm currently doing now, and it does a decent job of keeping the monsters sane. I will occasionally get the frustrated message, but not nearly as often. Problem is, this maintains the monster at the easier policy, where getting 70-90% gains is the standard.

Experiment 4: Praise over their hard effort line, scold under it. This ended up being the worst of the bunch, since it brought my monsters to the lenient policy and ended up stressing them out. You get a high bond with this, but you'll be sitting around 50% gains, and moving your monster from this position is more trouble than it is worth.

For anti-stress, I've been using the White Pot as a baseline. It is fairly economical at 1000 for -50 stress, and it does enough to have a meaningful long-term impact.

Now, I haven't done a deep dive where I monitor the stress of each individual monsters each day. But nonetheless, I suspect that it isn't possible to maintain a low-stress normal policy without the aid of items like the Wonder Well and the Aroma Pot. With luck, the Wonder Well can be acquired early game. The Aroma Pot, however, requires silver tablets, so it can only be acquired with either enormous luck, or much later in the game.

User Info: krnkph3

5 months ago#3
Damn, thank you SO much for such a thoughtful response. I've actually been doing the Experiment 4 with scolding on their low effort line and it seems to be providing consistent 70-90 percent effort?

Also do you know if food causes stress? it seems to cause stress for my monsters.

User Info: Alchius

5 months ago#4
This is a strategy that only really works very late in the game when you have a very high amount of money, all the right gadgets like Intense Level 4/2s, Wind Drum, Bragma Statue, Wonder Well, Aroma Pot, etc, and only raise a few monsters- but this is what I use:
  1. Set up both aura gadgets (Drum/Bragma) to both affect the same four gadgets, preferably level 4's and level 2's only. Stat gains from everything piling up should be very high, leading to +30/+20 at the least on level 4's on a stat the monster is decent at after the early stages.
  2. All the effects stacking up should keep the success rate very high. Praise every week where it's over 70%, which should be all the time. Policy will suffer but the free Focus, stress relief, and bonding is too good to pass up. Having Policy at normal is not required for good monsters. You can ignore it in a lot of cases.
  3. Cram items into them. Give them anything that removes stress. Only use Watermelon and Shrimp as food as they offer the greatest stress removal for the price. The monster will get fat but Vitamins can clean it up after training. Give gifts, praise, food, etc, all the time. This is very expensive. White Pot is an economical stress relief item if the monster doesn't hate it.
  4. It can't keep it up forever, so rest when success rate starts going down noticeably (don't actually let it go below 70%, rest before that). If going for extremely high stats, ensure the monster has Iron Heart and jam Oily Oil into it every week as well. Also very expensive, only consider that on monsters you want to try and get close to max stats.
  5. If you're not focusing on just a few stats, train what the monster is best at during the weaker growth stages, and train what it is worse at during the peak of its growth (prime). This isn't the same time for all breeds.
Even without Iron Heart and totally optimal drill choices, you should still be able to net at least two/three Level 45+ stats on any monster with the secondary stats at least at an acceptable level. You can't do this until later on in the game, but it's good to keep in mind. Even if you can't use every part of it right away, certain ideas in it are applicable earlier on in the game.
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(edited 5 months ago)
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