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User Info: Sezt

1 year ago#1
//1st Monster Tiredness

//1st Monster Hunger

//1st Monster Stress

//1st Monster Lifespan

//1st Monster Bonding

The last 2 digits when put at 00, will make tiredness frozen at 0, meaning your 1st monster will never tire. If you wish it higher for some reason, change it to 64.

There are 3 addresses that control hunger, the last 2 digits of these will decide how full the bar is. 64 is full and 0 is starving. Make it 64 and you won't be needing food to cure hunger anymore; would still need food to improve the focus bar though.

This meter pretty much decides how much your monster can train (along with tiredness). When put at 00, monsters will never be stressed. This opens up a ton of opportunity.
You can scold monsters endlessly or just use all lv.4 gadgets.
If you make it 64, your monster will be eternally irritated. lol

I believe there is no code for the focus bar. Rather, the focus bar is decided based on all the rest - Tiredness, hunger, and stress.
So if they're all at peak condition, the focus bar will always be full, meaning your monster will be much more likely to train well.

I don't know the exact maturity digit for this code, but I know making the last 2 digits 00 will give your monster sudden death.

This code has 2 parts. The 2nd part will make Bonding 0.
The first part if input as 00007000, will fill the bonding bar.
Bonding only affects monster in battle, not training.

Here are some game breaking codes:

//1st 100% Training

//1st Monster Training Limit

100% training means simply that, any kind of training you make your monster do, will always give 100% result guaranteed.

Training limit is less game breaking. It will let monster break free of maturity limit and give results within the range of 80-95


Some unimportant codes:

//1st Monster Age

//1st Monster Policy

//1st Monster Fed/Given

You can play with the last digits of these codes to find out the result yourself.
Age is simple. It's the monster's age. I don't think it has anything to do with lifespan. It's just a number for record keeping.
For the policy code, I believe you have to scold/praise the monster for it to work.
Fed/Given will make monster refuse to be given food.


I found these codes based on the already existed "Never Tired" code.
You probably can't find them posted anywhere else. I've searched.

I hope you could play the game the way you've always wanted with these codes if anybody out there still playing.
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User Info: Sezt

1 year ago#2
On the side notes.
I will also give out some of my findings, if you decide to play the game normally.

- Food increases stress but also increases fullness; the net gain is improved focus, but still sometimes result in frustration.
- Praising is best done 1-2 times only. Praising and items are mostly meant to reduce stress.
- Low level gadgets has less use of praising, because they often don't make monsters stressed enough. You can scold sometimes instead.
- Scolding is not meant for high level gadgets. They will become irritated faster than you can blink.
- Rest is the cureall of the game. It lowers both tiredness and stress, so will in the end, improve focus. You will likely see total improvement in training results after a good rest.

The 3 types of medals all come with a downside. They can improve a monster's career at the end of the day, but they all need you to change your training style.
Intense gadgets give a big bonus to result, about 20%.
The downside is the "hidden" stress increase. They do so indirectly. These gadgets make your monster much hungrier, and food increases stress. High level gadgets already make monsters more tired, hungry, and stressed, so if you use the intense version, you will only be able to train a few times with mixed results until give your monster a rest.

These gadgets improves your result moderately, while affecting tiredness, pretty straight forward.
Since tiredness can't be reduced by either food nor praising, this medal can't be used too much. I think only Oily Oil and Rest can reduce tiredness.

Healing can be a good medal. Healing gadgets have tiny rest effect. They will make monsters less stressed. The downside is that results are average/low. You can scold a little more often while using them.
That or you can use lvl2 healing gadgets to give your monster a break from lvl4 ones, if you are unwilling to Rest

The Effect Gadgets:
The main focus of effect gadgets is the Wind Drum. It makes monsters more tired/stressed, but the can add about 20% to training result. That's a big boost.
Artemis and Bragma statue will also boost your gadgets though much less.
Castle Address: 13184-70257 81911-42687 | Castle Name: Ultra Rare Skill | Avatar: Shu
(edited 1 year ago)

User Info: rakacumi

1 year ago#3
Wow thanks so very much, been looking for stress code, btw do you have monster stress code for 2nd 3rd 4th nd 5th monster?

User Info: Monsterrancher2

4 months ago#4
Whaaat??? Food increases stress???

User Info: Protocurity

4 months ago#5
It does. Feeding monsters will push them from O.K. into Frustrated, so food is definitely increasing stress.
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