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User Info: ehow22

3 years ago#1
So I'm planning to get this later this summer. I've heard most folks claim this and MR2 are the best in the series. My experience is limited to MR2, 30 minutes of EVO and the Monster Rancher Explorer game for GBC(no likeness to simulator) as well as the cartoon.

How does this compare to MR2? I've played that to death and know it fairly well. Just a couple similarities or differences will do. Don't wanna spoil any/many surprises. Thanks in advance.
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User Info: Ephamera

3 years ago#2
Well while in 2 you are only told to be the best trainer and reach the top, in 4 it's the same but with a story in it, kinda a competitor/rival.

You must be aware that some monsters from 2 are not here.

You can train up to five monsters now, although if you want the standard one monster like in 2 is still doable but then certain tournaments can not be entered.

Adventure is real adventure now, not being limited with things like in 2. You can ride your monsters to pass obstacles like lava. Only some monsters have ability for it. Adventure is also the only way to get skills.

Getting monster is not only by changing disc, you can get it from items you get from adventure.

Graphic is better of course.

I've played Evo as well and I can't continue to play. Totally weird. Haven't played 3, but I think I'm not really that interested.
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