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User Info: teflon

1 month ago#21
Recon Duty 1

Character: Break

No more mister nice guy. It’s Pouilly Slime deck time now.

I got the first turn and had a red slime in my hand. Nice! I deployed the slime far enough from Kranz that it would be unlikely that Kranz would have enough AP to attack the first turn, then moved him up.

Kranz equipped a Handgun, moved over to where he could face the slime, then took a shot. I didn’t have any defense cards, so the slime took two damage. Ow.

In a ridiculous amount of overkill, I loaded a Cross Slay, Chaotic Attack, and Slash card on the slime, then had it blow the Handgun into pieces. I did this because I thought I could the game would have the slime attack with each card once instead of using all of them at once. Pretty stupid, I must admit. To my credit, I wasn’t used to how attacking with a single critter would go since I’m used to cheap weapon decks, where you don’t have to worry about attacking with a single weapon a vast majority of the time.

To avenge his precious Handgun, Kranz took out a Rifle and used it on the slime. I had a Dodge, so it did only one damage. Not bad.

At this point, I probably should’ve started discarding like a madman until I got another red slime. However, I didn’t realize that at the time.

I once again loaded too many attack cards to take out the Rifle.

Next turn, Kranz equipped a Shield and an L&K 14, then attacked. I didn’t have any defense cards, so the slime took the brunt of the damage. At least he didn’t get paralyed.

I used more extreme overkill on Kranz’s shield, but I was starting to notice that I couldn’t destroy his equipment to the point where he didn’t have any. He’d always have something with him during my turn, which meant I couldn’t take a good chunk of damage off of him. Of course, if I had bothered to wait and get all three red slimes on the field before starting the attack, Kranz would’ve been mincemeat by now, but I did not know I should do that.

Next turn, Kranz equipped a Shot and a Shield, then killed the red slime on my field with the L&K 14. Uh oh.

What I was supposed to do with a red slime deck hit me as soon as that slime died; I was supposed to get all three slimes on the field by doing a ton of discarding while;e having the ones on the field avoid or take potshots at the enemy, then unload on the a****** when all three were up.

Since it was just Break now, I ran around the arena, discarding everything I could get my hands on while Kranz tried to follow. After two turns of this, I got another red slime. Yes!

I placed the red slime in a way that it would easily evade Kranz while waiting for the last red slime to appear in my hand. Another wasted turn (from both mine and the AI’s POV) and I got the last one in my deck. Now it was time to kick ass.

(Recon Duty 1 continued on the next post)
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User Info: teflon

1 month ago#22
Recon Duty 1 continued

With two red slimes on the field, things very quickly went to my favor. I positioned one red slime so that it would be in front of Kranz, with the other on his left side. Once positioning was complete (thank you zero AP for movement ability!), it was time to get revenge on Kranz for making me look like a punk. I loaded a +2 AP card on each of the slimes, then had them go to town on Kranz. Within one turn, Kranz lost his Shield and his L&K 14.

Kranz tried take one of them down with his Shot, but a Dodge card I had handy let me neutralize it.

Next turn, one slime destroyed his Shot while the other did 6 damage to him.

After getting stripped of his weapons, Kranz tried to save himself by running two blocks back. If the AI is trying to run instead of spawn items/monsters and fight back, you know it is very f***ed.

The two slimes pursued, getting back into the positions they used to be in with zero AP loss. After that, they took down Kranz, ending the fight.

This was a good lesson on how to use a red slime deck. I knew it was discard heavy, but I got too aggressive and tried to take on the AI ASAP instead of discarding until I had every red slime on the field (or at least two of them) like I should’ve.

Ruin Smugglers 1

Character: Break

A rematch against Sil’fer so soon? This game really wants her dead, I guess. I had a much better match than in the previous one now that I know how to use red slime decks.

I got the first turn and a red slime in my hand again. Oh yes. I deployed the red slime to the far right of Break, and moved Break away from Sil’fer so that the AI would have trouble figuring out who to attack and to keep the red slime I spawned nice and safe until I could get another one on the field.

Sil’fer spawned in a Sword for herself and advanced towards Break. However, she wasn’t anywhere close to being in attack range, so I was fine.

I stayed where I was since I was as far back as I could. Sil’fer broke out a Slicer and began to get closer towards Break, but on my next turn, I got another red slime. Now things were starting to go my way.

I spawned the red slime in front of Break as a guard for him, then started to move the first red slime I had to Sil’fer’s left. She was close enough that the red slime I spawned in front of Break could whack her. This let me take down her Sword.

On Sil’fer’s turn, she took out a Saber, got closer to the red slime near Break, and whacked him with the Saber. I had a Dodge card, so he didn’t eat the full brunt of the attack.

I had another red slime, but it wouldn’t let me deploy it, even though the red slimes on the field should’ve let me take it out for free. I figured I hit the spawn point limit with two of them on the field. Crap. Despite that, the battle was still heavily in my favor.

I moved the first red slime I spawned up to Sil’fer’s left side, then began attacking with attack cards. I didn’t have any cards that didn’t give +2, so I picked whatever I could and tore into her arsenal. One attack phase later, she was down a Sword and a Saber.

The AI spawned another Sword for Sil’fer, which she used on the weakened slime. I didn’t have any guard cards (should’ve discarded for them), so went from six to one HP in a single attack. I admit I was a little concerned, but I had a reserve red slime to keep the attack up.

(Ruin Smugglers 1 continued on the next post)
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User Info: teflon

1 month ago#23
Ruin Smugglers 1 continued

Once again I said hello to Sil’fer with +2 attack cards on each red slime. The first attack destroyed her Sword, while the second one brought her to five HP. I had this in the bag.

In her next and last turn, Sil’fer tried to punch the very weak red slime on the field I had to death. I had a Guard card that nullified the damage she could do, thankfully. Even if he did go down, I could spawn the last red slime I had for zero AP and keep going like nothing happened. But, it’s the principle of losing a card, damnit!

I didn’t have enough attack points to use the two +2 AP attack cards I had, so I used a Cross Slay to make her blow any defense cards she had, then have the second slime use a +2 AP card to finish her off. I’m glad I did this, because she popped a Dodge card on the Cross Slay slime. The other one easily took her down, though.

This went much better than the previous match. I’m starting to get the hang of how a slime deck works. I need to be more vigilant about having at least one defense card in my hand at all times, though.

Here’s something silly: If you complete this mission as Break, Sil’fer will still say she won despite the fact I handed her ass to her with slimes. Either they didn’t have the time or space to make an alternate version for when Break wins their duel, or Sil’fer is a very sore loser that’s deep in denial about what just happened.

New Cards

Meteor Smash
Trash 1
Akiko’s Wok
Cross Scar

I’ve decided to switch things up a bit and go for the purple booster packs instead of the green ones. I’d like more Cave Winds for my Pouilly Slime deck, and according to the guides I’ve read, the green packs have higher odds of giving one out than any other pack type does. I should probably open some green packs too to increase the odds of getting more AB Attacks and get that last Stab I need.
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User Info: teflon

1 month ago#24
Last Chance 1

Character: Lura

I didn’t get the best start for this one, but I managed to pull out a nice victory in the end. The enemy I killed to win was not the one I envisioned I’d go for near the start of the match, though.

The match started with the enemy team getting the first turn and no Pouilly Slimes in my first hand, even though I chose to pull for another starting hand. Damnit! I figured my luck would run out eventually. It was time to spam the discard function (keeping one defense card for an emergency) until I got a Pouilly Slime.

Kranz equipped his usual favorite, the L&K 14 Combat, while Ino’lis did nothing. On my turn, Break ran up to Ino’lis and chucked a Foie at her from range. I was very concerned that this would open Break up for attack, but it was fine. The Foie did 6 damage to her, which would make it much easier to take her down.

Next enemy turn, Ino’lis took out a Booma’s Claw and ran in front of Kranz, which is on the same lane that Lura (me) was on. I wasn’t sure what she was planning, so I ran over to the right corner on my side during my turn. Kranz popped a shield and moved two square right to go for break.

Break then spawned a Claw, which did two damage to Kranz’s L&K 14. He also moved out of the way of Kranz’s line of fire and right in front of Ino’lis. However, I got a red slime during this turn’s discard phase! Yes!

Next enemy turn, Ino’lis equipped a Broom, then did nothing. Kranz took out another Shield and killed off the Claw that Break spawned. The AI was stupid enough to blow a Wall card on even though the Claw would die even when the Wall card was used.

Break spawned in a Mothmant to the left of Ino’lis, which would prove to be a little problem for me later on. This is because it was blocking the only safe way to Ino’lis, since Kranz was guarding her right side. I spawned in the red slime I got a on the far left side that was on a row behind Break so I could move it to Ino’lis’ right side when the Mothmat was down. Break also used a Foie to destroy Ino’lis precious Broom. I got another red slime during my draw phase, so I was ready for a full assault.

Ino’lis tried to take out the Mothmant with her Booma Claw, but Break used a Guard card on it. However, Kranz finished it off. This meant I could move the red slime that was on the field right where I wanted it; next to Ino’lis.

My turn, I spawned the red slime directly behind Break, then moved the one I had on the field already to Ino’lis’ left side. I then put a ton of attack cards on the red slime to the left of Ino’lis and destroyed her Booma’s Claw. In retrospect, I probably should’ve used less attack cards so I’d have more to use later on, but oh well. Break spawned in a Barbarous Wolf to the right of Ino’lis and in front of Kranz. This locked me into a strategy of moving one red slime behind Ino’lis and another to the left side of her in order to finish off Ino’lis.

(Last Chance 1 continued in the next post)
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User Info: teflon

1 month ago#25
Last Chance 1 continued

With her weapons gone, Ino’lis hauled ass. However, this opened up Kranz to a full attack from two red slimes, since I had enough room to get one in front of him to spam attack cards on, while I could keep the other one behind the one closest to Kranz to do some additional damage. Kranz took off half of the Barbarous Wolf’s HP, which was no big deal.

I moved my red slimes into position and began wailing on Kranz. Break used his Barbarous Wolf to soften up one of Kranz’s shields. Thanks to that, I destroyed both of Kranz’s shields in one turn.

Ino’lis and Kranz decided they had enough of the Barbarous wolf and teamed up to kill it. Ino’lis I can understand, since she could only target it. But Kranz? He had a clear shot on one of the red slimes, but instead decided the Wolf must die. The poor Barbarous Wolf died. :(

Break started off the turn by spawning in a replacement Savage Wolf for the Barbarous Wolf that was lost. Meanwhile, I destroyed the L&K 14 Kranz had and took four HP off of Kranz. The heat was on.

The AI spawned in a replacement L&K 14 for Kranz. Once again, the AI decided to have Kranz attack a wolf instead of the obvious red slime threat that was wrecking one of its characters. Perhaps the AI is one of those types that hates wolves and likes shooting them from helicopters. Ino’lis seems to have had a bad run of cards or attack rolls, so she did nothing. Thankfully, the AI’s cruelty towards wolves failed and the Savage Wolf survived.

At the start of my turn’s attack phase, Break wrecked Kranz’s L&K 14 with a Foie. This let me shred Kranz into pieces with two red slimes attacking him, one loaded with attack cards. With Kranz dead, the game was over.

This was pretty enjoyable. I was afraid the AI was going to throw the game early by having Break run up to the enemy team ASAP, but they weren’t able to get any hits on him despite being so close to him. A good calculation on my end let me run up to Ino’lis’ side and begin attacking her despite the partner AI blocking the only safe way to her at first. I was surprised that I ended the game by taking out Kranz, since Ino’lis seemed like the weak one. But, once she ran back, I decided to focus on Kranz since it meant I didn’t have to pursue her. Since he didn’t do anything after her Booma’s Claw was destroyed, I assume she would’ve run if I tried to have the red slimes close in on her.

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User Info: teflon

1 month ago#26
Nostalgic Spot

Character: Memoru

I had a slime technique deck ready for Memoru, but realized I didn’t need it since she didn’t have any abilities that would let red slimes use techs better. Instead, I made her the character in my main red slime deck, which worked like a charm.

The match started off with me getting the first turn and a red slime in my starting hand. I had the slime move to the bottom left corner to keep it safe until I could spawn a buddy for it in, while I moved to the bottom right corner to make Viviana waste some AP getting to me.

Viviana took out a Mahu and began moving towards me. I was fine for another turn, though.

As a precaution, I moved two spaces left to make Viviana waste more AP getting to me, then moved my red slime up two spaces to see if it would draw some aggro. I pulled another red slime during the draw phase!

Vivianna took out a Soul Barrier, then continued her march towards me. She had enough AP to try to hit the red slime I had moved up, but a Dodge card kept it safe.

On my next turn, I spawned in the second red slime I had to right space next to Memeoru, moved the red slime I had just spawned up two spaces so it would get closer to Viviana, then moved the first red slime next to Viviana. I moved Memoru left one space to get here away from Vivi’s line of fire. Since I had only one attack point, moving Memoru once was all I could do.

Despite moving Memoru away from Viviana’s direct line of fire, Viviana was able to target Memoru anyway. I only had one defense point, so all I could do is have Memoru take the two damage from Viviana’s Mahu. No big deal.

Next turn, I moved the second red slime I had in front of Viviana. The slimes were positioned in a way that made it impossible to continuing to pursue Memoru like she did before, so Memoru was finally safe. I had only four attack points, so I had the red slime to the left of Viviana attack her Soul Barrier to weaken it, then had the other one use a Punch card. The Punch card took out all of Viviana’s gear in one hit! I was impressed.

Vivi took out an Ice Staff: Dagon as insurance and moved two spaces right, presumably to get away from the slimes and keep pursuing Memoru.

On my turn, I moved the red slimes so they’d box in Viviana like they did before, then began attacking. I had it set up so that each slime would use an attack card that added +2 to the slime’s AP. One slime destroyed her Ice Staff: Dagon, then the other one took six HP directly from Viviana. She was in deep s*** now.

To save herself, Vivi took out another Ice Staff: Dagon, and tried to whack one of the slimes with it. However, a Dodge card nulled the attack.

With Vivi close to death, I went in for the kill. I used another +2 attack card on one of the slimes to have it destroy her second Ice Staff: Dagon, then had the second one take her out with a regular attack. After that round of attacks, she was dead.

This match really made me appreciate Rampage-style attacks. I was able to strip off all of Viviana’s gear with a single Punch card, which was really cool to me. That single Punch card opened up a window of opportunity that let me shred Viviana into pieces.

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User Info: teflon

1 month ago#27
Lost Rappy

Character: Rufina

This match ended up being tougher than I thought because the AI used the cheap weapon strategy that let me coast through the Hunters’ story against me! Still, I got through.
I got the first turn, but didn’t get a red slime in my first hand, even after pulling for another first hand. Since Rufina facing Kylria directly at the start of the match, I moved Rufina over ot the bottom left corner to keep her safe. I pulled a red slime during the draw phase, though!

Kylria took out a Rifle and moved two spaced left. This meant she could hit Rufina with her rifle if she moved up one more block.

At the start of my turn, I spawned the red slime I got and moved it two blocks up. I could’ve moved it one block up, then left to have it protect me, but I didn’t want one of my damage dealers taking damage that Rufina could tank. I got another red slime during my draw phase, so it was time to get serious.

During the enemy’s turn, Kylria took out a Shield and a Handgun, then tried to pop a cap in Rufina’s ass with her Rifle. I had a Guard card which completelye negated her attack, thankfully.

I spawned the second slime where the first one was, had the first one move right in front of Kylria, then moved the second one where the first one was in the previous turn. The intention was to move the second one to the right side of Kylria on my next turn in order to have her nearly boxed in. I had the slime facing Kylria directly take out her Shield with a +2 AP attack card. Now I could start working on her weapons…or so I thought.

The Ai responded to the destruction of the Shield by having Kylria break out another Shield, then shoot the red slime in front of her with her Rifle. I used a Dodge card, which helped reduce, but not eliminate, the damage she did.

My turn, I moved the second red slime to the right of Kylria. I didn’t have enough AP to use the +2 AP attack cards I wanted, so I had one slime use a Cross Slay on her Shield, then finish it off with a regular attack from another red slime.

On the enemy’s turn, Kylria pulled out a Handgun instead of another Shield. She now had two Handguns and a Rifle. This would give her a lot of opportunities to inflict damage on my slimes now that she had three weapons. Not good. She only had enough to shoot the red slime she hit before. It now had very low HP.

The situation was not looking as good as it did before. One slime was weak, I didn’t have enough defense cards to save it, and I didn’t have another red slime in reserve. I loaded each red slime with a +2 attack card and had one target her Rifle, while the other targeted a Handgun. The weapons were destroyed. I discarded everything in my hand, which got me a third red slime. I also got a Punch card during the draw. I was back in business.

Even though I took out Kylria’s Rifle, the AI spawned in a fresh one for her. It then killed weak red slime with the rifle, then took off three HP of the second red slime with her remaining Handgun.

I deployed the third red slime directly to the right of Rufina as soon as I was able to, like I had done with the other red slimes. I then had it move up two spaces with the intention of having it take the old spot the now-deceased first red slime was in. I used the Punch card on the red slime that was to the right of Kylria, which destroyed all of her weapons. Now I had everything under control.

Instead of running, the AI had Kylria try to punch the s*** out of the red slime next to her. I had a Guard card which negated this.

(Lost Rappy continued in the next post)
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User Info: teflon

1 month ago#28
Lost Rappy continued

Everything was in place; all I had to do was finish Kylria off. I moved the third slime to where the first one was, then began attacking. I decided to distribute the +2 AP attack cards I had so that each slime would hit for 6 HP in case Kylria pulled out a defense card. I’m glad I did, because she used one when the first attacker tried to whack her with its slime scythe thing. The second attack finished her off, though.

This was a little rougher than I liked. Kylria was able to bounce back pretty quickly thanks to her cheap weapon-focused deck. I was a bit concerned seeing her run around with two Handguns and a Rifle near the end of the match. A well-timed Punch card and equally well-timed backup in the form of a third red slime put her arsenal out of commission long enough to destroy her.

I used Rufina, hoping her +2 to AP on attack cards would benefit ones used by monsters. It didn’t. Oh well. However, she’s got great HP and move, so I’ll probably keep using her in missions where I don’t have to use a specific character. Her ability could come in handy in an emergency if the AI destroys all of the red slimes in my deck.

New Cards

Anti (evolved from another card)

I got another red slime after Lost Rappy. I think the game knows how much I like using them. ;)
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(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: teflon

1 month ago#29
Lazy Bum 1

Character: Rufina

Kylria again? Guess she wants another ass-whupping.

I didn’t get the first turn, but I did end up with three red slimes in my starting hand! Holy s***! I could go on the attack ASAP.

Kylria started off her turn by spawning in a Mag. She did not move, though.

On my first turn, I spawned in a Pouilly Slime, one on the far left side, the other on the far right side. I then moved them up two spaces in order to get them closer to Kylria.

Ol’ Kylria didn’t get a weapon card on this turn either. Instead, she ran up to the left red slime and punched it for four damage. I didn’t have any dodge cards, so I had to take the full brunt of her punch. Ouch. Guess it was time to start discarding to get one before she killed it.

The left red slime was already in attacking range since Kylria ran up to it. The one on the right side couldn’t get next to her, but I could get it within range of its normal attack. I then hatched a plan; I’d use the right red slime to destroy Kylria’s Mag, then load a ton of attack cards on the left one to do major damage to Kylria when she had no items. The right one would still be able to destroy her mag even if she popped a Dodge, since the red slime does 4 damage without any AP-boosting attack cards and her Mag had 2 HP.

The plan worked. The Mag was turned into small chunks of scrap metal by the right red slime, while the left one took out a whopping 8 HP from Kylria herself. She now had 6 HP left.

Funnily, Kylria still did not get a weapon card this turn. Instead, she took out a Madhu mag, then punched the left red slime again. I had a Dodge card this time, so she only removed two HP from the left red slime. It was fine.

Next turn, I moved the right red slime over to her, then executed a pincer attack. Each slime would have a card that boosted its AP to six. The first one would ensure that the Madhu would be destroyed, while the second one would make sure that Kylria was killed with a single hit. Since Kylria didn’t have a defense card, the plan worked without a hitch. At the end of the turn, Kylria was taken out, winning the match for me.

Overall, this was the easiest match I’ve had in the Arkz storyline so far, and probably will have period. Kylria was unable to use any weapon cards for some reason and wasn’t able to pull out more than one mag card at a time, making her a cinch to defeat. Meanwhile, I was able to pull out a complete red slime armada from the start of the match, letting me zerg rush her with red slimes as soon as I got my first turn. I’d say it was sweet revenge after the grief Kylria put me through in Lost Rappy.

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User Info: teflon

1 month ago#30
Ino’lis Rocks

Character: Rufina

I got a Cave Wind in Lazy Bum 1, so I swapped one of the Long Arm cards with it. That makes two Cave Wind cards in my red slime deck.

Apparently, I am to show Ino’lis some “utmost passion and admiration for her existence” from her fan club…by caving her face in with red slimes. What a strange way to show someone you’re a big fan of her. Perhaps that is the Coralian way of saying “You are a great person and I admire you”. Whatever, XP and a booster pack is XP and a booster pack.

Ino’lis got the first turn, but that was fine since I had two red slimes in my initial hand. That was plenty to ruin her day.

Ino’lis started and ended her turn by equipping a Rod. Yawn.

Meanwhile, I spawned in two red slimes, one on each side of Rufina, then had them move up. I could’ve spawned one of the red slimes in front of Rufina, had it move two spaces up, then attack Ino’lis with its regular attack, but I wanted to surround her with red slimes ASAP. Since I wasn’t going to attack this turn, I moved Rufina one space right so she wouldn’t be facing Ino’lis. I pulled a Cave Wind during my draw phase, which would be a huge help later on.

During the enemy’s turn, Ino’lis ran right in between the red slimes, but did nothing.

I used the Cave Wind I got at the end of my last turn ASAP. I then had the slime on her right move in front of her to prevent her from easily pursuing Rufina. From there, I both red slimes use attacks with each one having a +2 AP attack card attached to it. The first attack destroyed her Rod, while the second one did eight damage, reducing her to a measely five HP. Using an attack card on the first one was overkill, but I wanted to make sure the Rod would be destroyed in case Ino’lis pulled out a Guard card, which she thankfully didn’t.

Not giving up despite losing so much last turn, Ino’lis took out a Plantain Leaf, moved one space right, then down, and tried to attack the red slime that used to be in front of her. This could’ve been a little problem since her Plantain Leaf could’ve removed the damage bonus Cave Wind gave the red slime, but I had a Guard card that prevented it from doing any damage, so the red slime was safe.

I moved the red slime that was on Ino’lis’ left to where it would be behind her. I didn’t have enough attack points to do what I did last turn, so I had one red slime use a regular attack to destroy her Platain Leaf, while the other one used a Round Slay to make sure she’d go down. It worked, defeating Ino’lis (until the next mission she’s in, anyway).

This was even easier than Lazy Bum 1. I utterly destroyed the AI in this one. Getting two red slimes and a Cave Wind early let me tear the AI into pieces. This was the easier game I’ve played in Arkz so far, and probably the easiest one I’ll have in all of my Arkz playthrough period. Even First Battle, the damn tutorial mission, wasn’t as easy as this.

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