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User Info: Timba8u

8 years ago#1
I dont know what the heck i did though!

User Info: HMandACFan

8 years ago#2
Haha, it's glad to see someone new at playing this game. I'm still trying to write an FAQ but it's discouraging when I doubt anyone will read it. If you need any tips though or just want someone to talk to, feel free to add me on MSN or yahoo.

MSN: kewel_person@hotmail.com
Yahoo: tiamats4esgares@yahoo.com

(Note that you can add yahoo users on MSN, and vice versa, so if you only have one of the messengers feel free to add both of my sn's so you know when I'm on if I'm only on one of them. ;)
Currently playing: Culdcept and Shaiya

User Info: colossus235890

8 years ago#3

I still love this game. Not my favorite but it is good even to some gamesin todays standard in my opinion.

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