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User Info: Kayube

8 years ago#1
I think it's called "Intruder"... it's an Arkz mission against Saligun. It seems like she always has a card to defend against everything and she always makes my creatures weaker so I can't hurt her... Then she pierces through everything and kills me. Any tips for this one?
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User Info: HMandACFan

8 years ago#2
Well, I'm working on an FAQ that will have hints and tips for every batlte, but I kind of have it on hold because it just doesn't seem like there's enough of a want for it. Anyway, if she's piercing through your guard creatures, don't use guard creatures. Use action cards to make your attacks stronger so even if she makes your AP 0, you can still hit her. You can even use Techs, too, if she makes your AP 0. Just pick creatures with high TP and use them. Also keep this in mind that the AI will always defend once and only once, against the first attack they can! Use this knowledge to your advantage! If she has a weapon with 1 HP, one with 4 HP, and one iwth 3 HP and you have creatures with AP's of 4, 4, and 3; attack her weapon with 1 HP first with your creature with 4 AP. She may or may not dodge it -- who cares. Then attack her weapon with 4 HP with your creature with 4 AP, and her weapon with 3 HP with your creature with 3 AP. You'll destroy 2 of her weapons for sure, possibly 3. Little strategies like this are good things to keep in mind for any situation.

Also, advice that seems to always work...use Pouilly Slimes! Lol but no, I'm serious, I've beat the entire game several times using a deck with ONLY 3 creatures: 3 Pouilly Slimes. They're really quite amazing. :)
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User Info: Gunbladelad

8 years ago#3
I always have a lot of success with Hildebears as well, so they're another option - especially as they have the "Guard Demolisher" ability to destroy her guard units. If you include the "Rage" card while attacking them, the AP of your Hildebear will get a boost, meaning the next attack will do more damage.
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