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  3. why do you hate this game?

User Info: yellowshinygold

10 years ago#1

its good,it has nice things but if you hate it at least explain with reasons.

User Info: RedHawk4

10 years ago#2
1) The karts move extremely sluggishly
2) The game suffers from lag at times, which makes the karts even MORE sluggish
3) The tracks seem linear to me...they're not as original or as fun as the tracks in CTR
4) The Adventure Mode was extremely lame, and it was almost embarrassing to play through
5) Velo is an awful boss in comparison to Oxide (in my opinion, that is)
6) No cheat codes means unlocking characters is more of a chore than it is fun
7) No classic tracks from CTR returned, which stunk
8) Oxide's kart has been reduced and is now...normal, and not special at all
9) The whole "hover-karts" thing that they tried to introduce for some tracks just didn't work very well, and seemed lame
10) With all these problems, the game seemed like a truly unworthy sequel to CTR

There are probably more problems I could list, but those are good for now. Oh, and even with all those things, I don't "hate" CNK. I dislike it, but I don't hate it.

User Info: sodapo641

10 years ago#3
Cause its not made by naughty dog :\

User Info: most_games_r_ok

10 years ago#4
Cause its not CTR, naughty dog didn't develop it so the game is crap, I don't like the story, Oxide is absolute crap compared to CTR, velo is the worst boss EVER. I had real problems with him and I had to race him 5 times before I beat him (considering that I beat oxide the first time round possibly cause hes easier than velo but still ) didn't like the tracks either especially since some of them were practically just rehashed CTR ones.
I do because I can.

User Info: RedHawk4

10 years ago#5
Uhh...yeah, that (lol).

The tracks really were pretty awful...
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