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User Info: krulmichael

10 years ago#1
5 years later and this version of NCAA Football is still the best ever!

NCAA Football 2004 Forever!

I remember when this board was the college football place to be. Fun game.
Anaheim Ducks

User Info: BearFan34

10 years ago#3
Yup, it's pretty pathetic that even with the next-gen technology, EA still can't make a game that's as fun to play or plays as well as this one.

Having said that, I really really wish I could meet the idiot at EA Sports who decided that it would be a good idea to put dropped passes in these games, and not give you the option of turning that crap off.

Even turning up the Sliders all the way up doesn't do much. Dropped passes pretty much ruined NCAA 2005 and it made it unplayable.
At times, this one is not that much better. It is so random and stupid.
Not once have I completed a pass and said "That's B.S.!! He should've dropped that!". Seriously, if they eliminated dropped passes altogether, not one single person would miss them.

You don't understand how much that crap pisses me off and how baffling it is to me to think that these moron game makers think having that stuff in there makes the game better.
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