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User Info: baddeley123

12 years ago#1
1 Does this game have that strafe thing?

2 How much should it be to buy new?

User Info: BazookaKid

12 years ago#2
1 u mean the lock-strafe mode? no u can only have 3rd person and 1st person (after beating the game once)

2 i suggest that u buy it second-hand for about $10, but for first it would cost about $20
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User Info: baddeley123

12 years ago#3
No i ment the Stafe thing when you hit R2 like in UYA. it wasn't in the original and drove me crazy.

And 20 bucks is a good price for new. I don't buy used since i've had some bad experiances with them.

User Info: tgerardo

12 years ago#4
Yes, you can strafe by holding down R2 or L2.
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