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  3. the guy who reviewed this game and gave it a 3 is a fool

User Info: Kirby_Rules

12 years ago#1
he missed the point on just about everything. I was reading it and it took me longer then it should have because half the time i had to do a face palm.
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User Info: shinren27

12 years ago#2
Well, at least his grammar was good.

Still, I'm probably going to get flamed for this, but I recommended that review. I'm not really surprised that the only review to have a star in front of it is also the ONLY one to give it less than a 7. The game has a lot of annoying quirks that do add up. The controls for starters. I'll admit, I started the R&C series by playing UYA and the ease of changing control types was pure bliss and compared to that I HATE the controls and most of the camera in this game.

Strafing close to a wall? CAMERA CHANGE! Walking close to a wall? CAMERA CHANGE! Too far away from a big opponent? No lock. Too close to a big opponent? No lock. Holding L2+R2 to lock on to a random opponent works, but good golly if your finger slips. Changing targets? GUESS how you should face your opponent and hit them again. Miss? Too bad, try again. And you have to buy the "lock upgrade".

Also, the 'big guns' of the game, Ryno II and Zodiac just plain suck. They're uninteresting, no leveling, no nothing. Just kills everything in front of you and oh, did you have a 20x multiplier, firing Zodiac and a level 1 chicken behind you? Yes, he bites you during the flash and your fine tesla shield helps you naught.

*sigh* And he has a point on the foldable screens. Everyone has them and you're supposed to be interested. And oh, the endless yetis. Furballs with no other justification for their existence than the fact that you can levelup weapons there faster than anywhere else.

I liked (and finished) this game mostly because I'm a completionist. I got all of the possible skill points and platinum bolts (excluding the stupid, stupid ship races) on my first run through, all hoverbikes, arena, gun levelups yadda yadda yadda, and it is repetitive and somewhat uninteresting as a whole. Well, this is Ratchet & Clank, with an age stamp of 3+. Not really that much you can expect from the plot department. The controls make it very unlikely that I'll return to this game ever.

I'd give this game a 7 or so, if just for the grinding. I love grinding.
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User Info: Crypto500000001

12 years ago#3
just let it go kirby
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  3. the guy who reviewed this game and gave it a 3 is a fool
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