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User Info: thepunchline

2 years ago#1
I have had a strong urge to play some gw1 but I feel like there is no point if im literally the only person on the game.
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User Info: Damascus85

2 years ago#2
I couldn't really throw any numbers at you, but people do still play. I really only get on to check on birthday presents and to work toward LDoA if I have time, but I still encounter plenty of people in Pre, EoTN, and Spamadan (the only places I really go). I don't know about PvP or Dungeons though.

A lot of players started coming back in recent months due to the graphics updates that have been released, but I don't know how many of them have stuck around.

User Info: shin_mcgoo

2 years ago#3
I just ordered Factions last week after finally remembering what my login info was. I haven't played GW since 2011. If you want to party up in PvE, PM me on GFs.
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User Info: Alessar

2 years ago#4
There's definitely people in game. Pre-Searing Ascalon actually spawns 2 districts on Sundays.
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