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User Info: AngelofD3th

11 years ago#1
Does anyone else want the marine from opposing force seen in future games? He was the most interesting character in the series IMO. He seems to be a paradox or an enigma that the G-man doesnt even forsee, so it makes him all that more interesting. For example if you try to walk into the same portal to Xen that freeman did, the game ends pretty much telling you, that you tried to rewrite history. Not to mention the major cliffhanger ending.

User Info: mattstone12

11 years ago#2
adrian doesnt count. he was made by another game company. so, he cant be put into the hl story. but he might get a spin off.

User Info: HappyNautilus

11 years ago#3
So was Barney...and I highly doubt he's forgotten. Gabe said he liked him, and on the Portal ending screen, on the keyboard, all the buttons that spell out his name are pressed down, and they're the only ones that are.
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User Info: ReggieT

11 years ago#4
Wasn't Barney pretty much every security officer from Half-Life?

User Info: Anon8492

11 years ago#5
He was originally a whole class of characters in the original Half-Life, but Valve brought him back. Blue Shift supposedly showed which Barney among the security guards was the one that comes back in HL2.

User Info: Eikre_Mengx

11 years ago#6
My main stipulation when it comes to Adrian is that he, unlike Barney, came with a hideous plot item: Race X.

They show up after the introductory portion of the game, and their entire operation is to shoot you in the face. There are no clever story entanglements, and Gearbox didn't even seem interested in the delicious groundwork from Half-Life. One of these Race-X blokes serves as the final boss, and the only reason I'm not marking spoliers here is because there are none. Here's how it goes down: You run through some of the most difficult arrays of enemies you'll likely ever see in a FPS, and walk into this room with this stupid-ass tenticle monster. You kill it. Why? WHY THE HELL NOT, AM I RIGHT?

And then the game ends on the decent but entirely unrelated other plot point. Like everything else, nobody could be bothered to make something clever so they just derived more Half-Life.

Here's the worth of Adrian Shepard. He stars in a compelling game full of the weapons and enemies that I like, plus a few more new ones. As it turns out, you can do that with any character. But anyway...

The nod that Valve gave towards Barney Calhoun isn't on the scale that it would take to integrate the worst excesses of Adrian. Blue Shift still isn't cannon, guys. The story line from that game gives us a B. Calhoun who arrives, first day on the job, watches Gordan pass him once on the rail and twice in other, more inaccessible places, and doesn't do any of the things that Half-Life 2 or Episode 1 would have us believe. He never offers anyone a beer.

So, if you want Adrian, here's how you do it. Step one, is you completely ignore everything in Opposing Force. Make him a soldier. Put him on the side of Humanity, aligned against the Xenian/Combine interlopers. I don't particularly care what you do after that.

If you just want another game like Opposing Force, then you take Half-Life 2, add a bunch of extra weapons, and toss in a few new enemies. Someone already did that, though. We call it SMOD.

If you really, really want an Opposing Force legacy, though, I think it would be possible. A spin-off game that takes place during the Seven-Hour War would give us a place for a U.S. Special Force trooper to use some interesting weapons on freaky aliens that haven't really shown up anywhere else in the Half-Life 2 universe. Just suggest that all the new enemies you meet are Combine regulars that are all deployed off-world by the time Half-Life 2 begins.

And leave G-Man to be an intimate facet of Gordan's storyline. We don't need to cheapen that shtick.
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