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User Info: carlde21

4 months ago#1
Main character class: Sword master
Level: 67
HP: 390
MP: 173
Power: 70
Def: 102
Agility: 106
Mind: 40

Classes (from memory):
Warrior: 26
Monk: 0
Mage: 5
Sage: 5
Thief: 20
Random: 10

Weapon levels:
Sword: 50
Knuckles: 32
Whip: 41
Sickle: 34
Bow: 32
Spear: 32
Axe: 32
Chain: 33

Element levels:
Wisp: 41
Shade: 30
Luna: 31
Salamander: 30
Udine: 30
Dyad: 30
Jinn: 30
Gnome: 30

Elemental power ups
Wisp: 8
Shade: 8
Luna: 8
Salamander: 8
Udine: 8
Dyad: 8
Jinn: 8
Gnome: 8

Enemies beaten: 102/119 (found 4 cyclops)
Missions: 49/50 (dang amigo mission, mission 41, grr)
Memo: 27/29

Hal Armor
Orichalcum helm
Orichalcum gloves
Orichalcum boots

Crystal sword
Crystal knuckles
Crystal flail
Maia sickle
Fossil bow
Crystal lance
Orichalcum axe
Altena Mace

With those stats and items this game was...PAINFULLY easy. I was amazed when I hit the final boss, form 3, with 300 damage followed by a critical to end him that did 600 damage. 60% of the final bosses damage in 2 hits. Yikes. The final boss in secret of mana put up a much greater fight, 100 fold against 3 level 90 characters!

As far as I can tell, after the Secret of Mana, SD3, Legend of Mana, Sword of Mana quad of games the series is not worth playing anymore. Though being easy this game had its charm. would love to see a difficulty hack that would, for example decrease a level 75 damage vs the last boss by at least 75% and improve the final forms defense by at least 2x while increasing HP by 10x and damage by 2x and so on, just using form 3 final boss as an example though and getting harder as the level drops.

What are your end game stats?
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