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User Info: chocoboblue99

10 years ago#1
I just recently started playing this game. Does anyone still play this game?

User Info: chocoboblue99

10 years ago#2
Since the walk-through guide is only half way finish, I just wanted to note some things. So, I lost a girlfriend in a recent series and I read in the guide that I can win her back if I face racers in the street races. Then, I read from my official strategy guide that the girlfriend will show up eventually, when they are with the racers. Okay, that's good.

Well, everything is true from above, but for some reason when I enter a street race and left when my girlfriend wasn't there. Then, re-enter again to see if she there this time, she would never be there. For a whole day I waited to race and win back my girlfriend, but she would never showed up. I couldn't figure out what was going on, she wasn't showing up! So, finally after I was ready to go to bed, I figured out why, she appeared!

If you want to win a girlfriend back in a street race, you must have a current girlfriend riding with you in your car. So, it is like putting up your current girlfriend as ante to win back an old girlfriend. It seems pretty silly, but that's how it works. You cannot just win back your old girlfriend in a street race with a girl sitting next to you. Wow!

Oh for the cheats in the cheat section don't work at all. I try using the car cheats and they don't work. The game says the cheats are enable but I still see the cars are still locked. Granted that I have only been playing story mode for all this time and I don't know if those cheats are for other modes but it doesn't say, so it should be for story mode. I will have to check and see if this game unlock the cars for arcade, mode or something. I will come back to this later.

Also for the free repair cheat, you can only use that once and will it will only work once. Re-entering the code will not enable the cheat again, although it says it, it won't do anything. The same goes for the police warning cheat.

Finally, I like to say this, my opinion on this game. You don't have to take my word for it. At first I thought this game was pretty easy. Actually SUPER EASY! But then, this game gets HARD! REALLY HARD! The first few series are a cake walk. But then, when you open up the next few series it gets harder.

I haven't gotten that far in the game yet, but once I do, I bet when I open up the next few series the racers and the race are going to be extremely hard. I read in my official strategy guide that I will have to have at least a 850 HP car to win the final series. I bet my opponents are drifting through every turn too. Also, they going to playing dirty too. Heck, they are already playing dirty. lol. Man, that crazy!

User Info: Hanfan

10 years ago#3

It is hard isn't it? I was going through story mode easily until I hit the final series. I didn't have enough respect. I had to go back and try to finish all of the series perfectly. That's really hard trying to get 200 points drifting and jumping while trying not to hit walls and other cars, and you can just forget about the straight line races. That's impossible. As for the car cheats, they only work in the arcade mode.

User Info: chocoboblue99

10 years ago#4
For the straight line races I found the second and third series to be diffecult. The first series is pretty easy. The second series a little bit harder, and I beat it by having a car with at least 600 hp with 300 torque.

I think the most diffecult straight away is the third and final series. It took me awhile but I beat it by having my car super juiced up. My car is now 888 hp with a torque of 600. Need the best tries and brakes too. Then, it's all up to me. I had to really concentrate on my driving mostly on the stright away. If I lead too far to the left or right, the car can easly flip upside down or spin out. The car has to stay in the middle of the road becuase it's the flatest surface. If the surface even lift up a little bit, the car just goes out of control.

I still have to go back to the third race. I beat it but only got 2250. I came in first for two races and last for another. Man, I was super close!

I read in my offical stragetry that the hardest thing about the final series is opening them up. The races isn't too hard. But, If you want to race in them, you have to spend a whole lot of time just trying to open them. For the final series, third race, you must have 77,000 points out of 78,000 points!

OMG, you know how that would be. This would mean, you have MAX out the number of points of almost every races and in every series. Have all 18 girlfriends too.

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