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User Info: JiggyNinja

1 year ago#1
It's already mentioned in the FAQs that Golden Goose spawns in VS. Mode Ruldo Forest when you have Capture turned on. What's not mentioned is that all of the other stages have a spawn as well. MooseEatsBear and I tested this and found these out:

Ruldo - Golden Goose
Sarvan - March Hare
Krasheen - Pazuzu
Sacred Battle Arena - DEMON SWORDSMAN
Sharacia - Necromancer! (why not Jack-o-Lanturn!?!?!)

In all cases, the monster spawns at the beginning of the level. Moose did 100 runs in a couple stages and found that the spawn chance is about 8%.

User Info: Donniedonz

1 year ago#2
Very cool. I knew that there were VS Spawns other than Golden Goose, but never learned anything beyond that.

The most useful is, of course, the Demon Swordsman.
Floating Octahedral Shard

User Info: MooseEatsBear

1 year ago#3
I don't know if I can express how upset I am that it isn't Jack.

Fun side note: each vs mode spawn appeared 8% of the time out of 100 tests.

User Info: GrrMan

1 year ago#4
Even after all these years... this game manages to impress me.
"Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors. But today we kneel only to truth..." - Khalil Gibran
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