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User Info: MooseEatsBear

1 year ago#1
Hey everybody. I'm working on a 100% run for this game. I'm pretty damned knowledgeable about the game. Figured out the damage formula with 7thArmstrong and whatnot but I'm having one problem. It's this damned Jack-O-Lantern card. The game gives you a list of cards that don't appear as enemies in the game and the only one I've never ever seen that DOES say it appears is the Jack-O-Lantern. There are two major rumors that I'm sure we've all heard.

1. You get it via Data Transfer post Sacred Battle Arena 2.

2. It's SOMEWHERE in the Proving Grounds.

I've gone through the PG and I know every reward you get and it doesn't appear anywhere as a reward drop. I've also systematically dismantled the entire PG and can't find it. I've seen one rumor that says it appeared in a hallway once for one player and for other players sometimes in similar situations. A few people say they capture it, but I can't find it. Does anybody have any clues or tips as to where it might be?

Thanks in advance!

User Info: Zaelleaz

1 year ago#2
You 100% get it via data transfer from LK 1 assuming you have the card in LK 1 when you transfer.
It's also very quick to obtain in LK 1 so it's easy to make a file to get it if needed.

Have also never seen it in PG even once.

User Info: MooseEatsBear

1 year ago#3
Damn. I hope that isn't so. I really hope there's a way to get it from capturing, otherwise this is just stupid. I guess the 100% run will be a 99.7% run.

User Info: Donniedonz

1 year ago#4
As far as I’m aware, Jack-O-Lantern is the only transfer exclusive.
Floating Octahedral Shard
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