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User Info: JiggyNinja

1 year ago#1
What is your biggest moment of rage playing this game? I don't just mean regular difficulty, but those times when an unlucky hax or poor planning lead to a really stupid situation.

For me, it's my first battle with the Zombie Dragon. After I gathered the fossils and summoned him, before I could even wheel the camera around to see him, he unleashed his breath attack. The first hit petrified me, and the remaining hits of the attack were enough to completely kill me. I'm pretty sure I forgot to kill the Gnome that spawns near this area too, so that definitely didn't help.

Second place is a battle I had with a different boss (I think Thanatos). I brought him down to his last sliver of health, but I also ended up with no Stones and 3 HP. There was nothing I could do.

User Info: 7thArmstrong

1 year ago#2
Picking up the game for the first time, trying to use a chest... and using a card instead... This feature actually made me really angry and not want to play the game. :(

Later I learned that if you hold Z while holding A, you can interact with doors/chests/switches without fear of using the card!

That one fact changed my viewpoint enough and eventually feel in love with it enough to start speedrunning it! :D
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