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User Info: JiggyNinja

1 year ago#1
I'm playing through the game right now, and I still haven't gotten all the cards yet. Just beat the God of Harmony, so the grinding will begin soon. I want to dedicate this topic to those cards that have an unexpected degree of usefulness. I want to include both cards that are better than you expect from reading the card stats and a short trial run, as well as those that are worse.

Since the card only lists the power of a single-hit, I want to exclude multi-hits from the listing. Yes, Succubus and Sekmet look like jokes when you read the card specs, but a single use is enough to see that they actually perform a bazillion of those weak attacks, and it adds up to a lot of damage.

Nerfs (like the Unicorn) are also not to be included, however disappointing they may be.

Keeping in mind that I haven't personally used all the cards yet, my leader for an unexpectedly good card is probably the Golden Porcupig. 2 stones is cheap, it's nimble enough for what it is, and it's Headbutt attack gives it a good method to quickly close the distance to another monster. I put one of these (Z-effected) one-on-one against Thanatos in the Gorge and it was able to keep it busy and do a rather significant chunk of damage to it while I limped to the deck point to restore health.

Second place for usefulness is the Treant and its cousin Apsaras. Appreciating these cards requires understanding the damage formula in the other thread. Given that the defense is subtracted from the damage and the highest natural defense stat is 20, a +30 buff to Defense is monstrous. That much Defense is enough to reduce a threatening mob to a bunch of ankle-biters, and even powerful bosses have their offense heavily gimped. I took a couple Apsaras to Bhashea Castle and the Demon Swordsman could barely scratch it, even though it had an attribute advantage. The attack buff was minor compared to the extra survivability that my Independents and Tara got.

User Info: MooseEatsBear

1 year ago#2
So, 7th and I speedrun the game (shameless plug: https://www.speedrun.com/lk2) and I'd have to say Lizardman is the absolute best card in the game. He can hit up to 4 (maaaaaaaybe 5 in fringe cases) times on large enemies if you space the hit properly, and he can hit twice with one swing on every enemy (again, with proper spacing). This is technically a glitch, a single hit card that accidentally multi hits.

At 2:13 in this video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/181985235

you can see the Storm Hagan get hit with a Dragon Knight and a Lizardman, both Z powered. Going by the formula, He should take 49 and 13 damage. He has 72 hp, so he should have 10 hp left after that, but lizardman actually hits for two 13's one frame apart. You can tell because Dragon Knight only does 46 damage instead of the 49 he should do. These multi hit Lizardman swings can end up easily quadrupling your damage against large targets. Like the Ice Golem in Middle Tower, you can kill it with two Z-Wizard Lizardman hits because they each hit four times.

Now, this only works in the US version of the game. There are four versions, NTSC-U, PAL50, PAL60, and NTSC-J (AKA Rune II). Double hits don't occur in any version other than USA. So if you're playing Rune II or you're playing in Europe, you don't get this glorious advantage.

Also, Mechapult is a godsend.
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User Info: 7thArmstrong

1 year ago#4
I heard Moose made a post, so I wanted to as well!

My top unexpected useful card is Mechapult. You can clear 9 levels with the price of one MechaPult card...
(Lower Chambers, Holzogh Town, Alenjah Castle, Lower Tower 1+2, Krasheen Mountains, Middle Tower, and Upper Tower)

Just have to know a good spot to sit him, and sometimes with a little helper combos to do miracles in this game!

*Final Boss with one MechaPult!
*Holzogh Boss with one MechaPult! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPmkhWyM0II&feature=youtu.be
*Black dragon in two hits! (MechaPult + Wizard)
*Breaking the Alenjah Door without God of Destruction! (MechaPult + GravityPillar) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSkAOF6Mr68&feature=youtu.be

The progression of that Door skip was an amazing night. Shoutouts to MooseEatsBear, scazzaf, 1234cuddles, and ttamdy1.
Here are the links if anyone is interested...

Don't have many other MechaPult right now but these will have to do. If you want to the beauty of MechaPult just check out one of the runs Moose linked above.
#GodPult #CatoBlessUs

User Info: JiggyNinja

1 year ago#5
You guys are way above me. I was always a bit disappointed at the low popularity of these game, so I'm glad to see some other people dive into the nitty gritty like this.

To add a more mundane unexpectedly useless card, I pick the Gargolye. Every time I've tried to use this stupid thing, it has been completely ineffective. It's like it doesn't know it's own range, because it stops just outside of its own reach and whiffs every hit.

Elf has a similar problem, though not as bad. It will follow me around the level until it gets near another monster, and it will stop just outside of its attack range and just stand there. This isn't much of a problem against mobile enemies, because I can lead them back to the Elf. It makes it useless to lead to a stationary enemy, since it won't join in the attack unless I physically push it closer. The Dark Elf and Elf Lord do not have this problem, so I don't know why the Elf does.

User Info: Donniedonz

1 year ago#6
Earth Moray is an "unexpectedly useful" card in my book. Try Z-powering a couple and pairing them with Ashura. Make sure you withdraw Asura before he burns out to cancel the hand-burning property.

Fenril is a another useful card that I slept on for most of my time playing this game. Only started fitting it into my decks this year. It restores important staple cards (various weapons, Spinners, Golden Phoenix and Octobush... etc.)
Floating Octahedral Shard
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