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User Info: MooseEatsBear

1 year ago#1
I've seen a few people trying their hands at the damage formula and a few people have come very close but I'd like to clear up any misconceptions about damage.

The formula takes the attack power of a card, multiplies it by any boosts possible, wizard, asparas, dryad and the like, subtracts that number by the defence, THEN multiplies by the elemental modifier which is either 1.5, 1 (if there's no interaction) or 0.6. Just as a side note, the game always rounds down, no matter what. If the damage was going to be 10.1 or 10.9 it'll be 10 damage.

You can use this to figure out the damage on any monster in the game and I absolutely guarantee it'll work every single time.

Lizardman on Elf Lord Z-powered with a Wizard and Gnome? 45 damage.

Phantom Ship's Land Lubber Mash on Body of the God Z-powered with a Wizard and Undine? 483 damage.

Same thing on a Kitty Trap? It'll say 10 because that's how much HP it has but it'll really do 742 damage.

Please feel free to test any of this out, but I've written out a quick summation of the formula below. Just as a note, you can have Asparas and Wizard out at the same time, but the effects will not stack. You'll only get a 1.5x boost.

Dmg = Final number to be taken from HP
Atk = Attack Power of Card Move used
Pow = Z Power Bonus with two options [Off|On]=[1.0|1.5]
Def = Defense of Entity Taking Damage
Elm = Element Advantage with three options [Advantage|NoAdvantage|DisAdvantage]=[1.5|1.0|0.6]
Asp|Wiz = Damage from Wizard Aura or Asparas Aura (does not stack) [Off|On]=[1.0|1.5]
Boon = Damage boost from (Element) Power-up (Dryad, Gnome, Salamander, Undine) [2|1]

(((Atk x Pow x Wiz|Asp x Bst) - Def) x Elm) = Dmg

So just to plug these in real quick, I'll be using Lizardman on Elf with a Wizard and Gnome.

(((18 x 1.5 x 1.5 x 2) - 3) x 1.5) x 0.6)
(((27 x 1.5 x 2) - 3) x 0.6)
(((40.5 x 2) - 3) x 0.6)
((81 - 3) x 0.6)
(78 x 0.6)
Rounded down, you get 46. And elf only has 40 hp so you kind of overkilled it a bit and you'll only see 40 pop up but please, try this formula out yourself.

Big thanks to Zayin aka 7th Armstrong for helping me figure out this big unwieldy mess of a formula. I'll be honest I was thinking of keeping this to myself but now that I see people have been getting so close, I decided to let the whole world know. Use it well!

User Info: MooseEatsBear

1 year ago#2
I'm too new to edit my post, but "boon" is the same thing as "bst" in the formula. Just made a typo.

User Info: Charles7439

1 year ago#3
Yeah, I got it wrong. I probably should've actually checked to see if it was what I thought it was. I have a hard time seeing the numbers on my TV though... took me a couple attempts just now to figure out whether a Banshee was hitting for 16 or 19 (against a fire monster of course). Because the part that shocks me the most of the three things I was wrong on is that elemental disadvantage is *.6 and not *.5 like I'd always thought it was.

So anyway, thanks for posting it.
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User Info: 7thArmstrong

1 year ago#4
Glad to help! And Thanks for some credits :D

User Info: Zaelleaz

1 year ago#5
I've been really active on the Meta topic and this will be great for optimization. Thanks for getting the exact formula down for the rest of us.

User Info: MooseEatsBear

1 year ago#6
So it looks like I missed a few things. Specifically Coal Treant, Dark Treant, and Treant's bonuses. Treant is a times three bonus to defence, but I'm not sure where in the formula Coal and Dark apply their nonsense. I'll be coming back to this topic to repost the formula when I've figured out the whole thing. If anyone else knows of any cards that would have effects that change the formula, please let me know.

User Info: MooseEatsBear

1 year ago#7
Oh, and again, I missed a few things again! So it turns out even though the manual says that Neutral and Mech don't interact, they do, I did some research. In place of the elemental affinity in that equation I posted before, if a Neutral card is attacking a Fire, Water, Wood, or Earth attribute creature, it'll do 1.2 times damage. And again, in place of elemental affinity, if the creature being attacked is Mech attribute, and the creature attacking is Fire, Water, Wood or Earth, it will do 0.8 times damage. Coal and Dark Treant actually also modify this modifier for their respected elements effected, changing it to a 0.4 damage multiplier. Also, Treant doesn't triple defence, it just adds a flat thirty, so does Asparas.

And as you all know, the only other cards that affect damage are Larval Fly, Beelzebub, and Mad Reverser. Larval Fly forced neutrality in the elemental advantage formula, Beelzebub forces a 1.5 multiplier on every single creature, and Mad Reverser flips the advantage formula backwards. I think that's everything that effects damage in the game, but I'm probably wrong. I'll be back to update again!

Thanks again to 7thArmstrong for helping me with all this. Dude is a godsend.

User Info: GrrMan

1 year ago#8
So... a Neutral card attacking a Mech card will do approximately 1.00x damage, then.
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User Info: JiggyNinja

1 year ago#9
It seems quite different from the LK1 damage formula that I worked out, but then again the defense stats of monsters are vastly different between the two games. The Decoy Pillar has Defense 80 in LK1, but 20 in this game.

With a flat subtraction like this, it seems like some attacks should do nothing or a bare minimum of 1 damage. Lizardman (18 attack) vs. Decoy Pillar (20 defense) evaluates to a negative amount of damage. Both of your examples have weak defense against a strong attack, which causes the damage to overflow the monster's available HP. You need to test all the extremes (weak attack against weak defense, weak attack against strong defense, strong attack against strong defense).

When I worked out LK1's damage formula, I started out using Scythe Beasts (weakest Weapon attack) to attack Scythe Beasts (0 defense), and moved on from there.

For reference, LK1's damage formula is this; Damage = Offense * ((100 - Defense) / 100) (round down the result)
You can conceptualize the Defense stat in LK1 as the "percentage of Offense that is blocked". So an attack with 10 Offense against a Decoy Pillar (80 Defense) would only do 2 damage. The attribute modifications are the same (1.5 and 0.6), so it's a bit weird that From would change the damage formula so fundamentally.

User Info: MooseEatsBear

1 year ago#10
Yeah, Jiggy, every time it does 1 or lower, it'll just do 1 damage. It never does less than 1.
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