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User Info: Plisken355

7 years ago#1
Somewhere in the gane I heard there's a CODEC conversation where Snake confesses that he's a "coward", and after reading the conversation myself I saw that it had something to do with basically being a recluse. So, to get straight to the point, I would like to ask 2 things: what does Snake mean by this, and do you think that he's a coward.

I personally think that he means that he just doesn't like to be around people out of not being able to trust anybody, and thus turns to reclusivenes as a result to keep from letting people into his life, again out not being able to trust anybody and being afraid that he'd get hurt, and no, I do not think he's a coward, just an introvert. Basically, I think that he's just afraid of being hurt and/or betrayed and not really a coward, just has severe trust issues, and that's why
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