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  3. Why is this called Ghost Babel?

User Info: Rango

8 years ago#1
Where is the ghost?

User Info: Zeppster497

8 years ago#2
I think "Ghost" referred to Black Chamber, as being the ghost of Foxhound, and "Babel" is a reference to the biblical Tower of Babel. Or something :P

It's a Japanese subtitle anyway, so they don't necessarily make much sense if you think about them. Like, take a look at any Metroidvania-style Castlevania, and tell me how does the subtitle describe the game at all. Well, I guess Portrait of Ruin actually has something to do with Portraits.
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User Info: neozeroEXE

8 years ago#3
Ghost Babel. GB. Metal Gear GB.

See where I'm going with this? :D

User Info: Reala

8 years ago#4
yeah, it stems from the initials for Game Boy, but there are some ghosts in the game during one of the special story missions.
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  3. Why is this called Ghost Babel?
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