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darko21 6 months ago#1
Hi VS fan, here is a little video I’m very proud of. Because It took roughly 3000 or 4000 hours to do, I thought a little story could interest some players 😊


Part 1: The humble beginning

We are in 2001. My dad came back to the store with 2 games that he offers to his 13y son.
It was quite surprising to me, my dad was not really the type of dad that bring unexpecting gifts, especially a video game.
When stores realized games were not properly sold, they usually put them inside some box and reduced their price significantly. Those 2 games that he bought me were indeed those unsold games.

One of them was that precious gem that we all know and love Vagrant Story. An absolute masterpiece.
My first attempt to play VS was a failure though. I die to the first encounter because I didn't understand the battle's mechanics and I threw that game away. I finish the second game my dad bought me and decide to give this game a second chance.
I was amazed by the beauty of the game. The atmosphere, the sound, graphics, stories, and characters were definitely something I have never seen and experience before. Soon, I fell into the game. I really felt into it...

I wanted to finish the game and discovered everything but those doors kept getting closed. What the hell is this rood inverse? Where I can get the gold key? I refused to finish this game without getting everything.

So the search began...

20 years ago, the internet was barely developed and only a few people had access to it. I couldn't find any information about those keys and gaming website was rare and most of them were in English.

There is no beating around the bush or short-cutting this fact: no one in this world has spent more time than me on the first playthrough. I literally walked on every square meter inside lea mundis, spent dozen of hours spamming buttons inside the undercity west to try to open fake doors or hope that Ashley will find a key, used multiple faerie wings to try to make that jump in the crumbling market inside undercity west (little do we know this is where the gold key is 😊 ). Time counter was capped way over 100 hours but those keys were unobtainable. I can tell you one thing. This game has no Out of bounds mechanics else I would have found one 😊...

I used to spend my time on local internet stores and used all my money to search for information on the internet. I remember someone told me that I would never find it.

But one day it happens, I gather some information, translate it into French, and barely understood that I might finish the game to unlock those keys. REALLY??? After spending hundreds of hours searching, is it the way to go?
All you need to do is to make a new game +??? All of this because I did refuse to finish this game without finding everything.
I remember pausing the game for 2 minutes when I saw the rood inverse were unlocked, I couldn't believe it.

The second playthrough was intense. Because I was so hyped after hours spent on the first playthrough, it feels like a new world suddenly open to me. I remember rushing back to my house after school to discover that new world 😊.
At that time all I had is a complete list of all the weapons, shields, and armor. I knew they might be a way to get that holy win that Romeo hold during the final battle.

The weapon list shows that holy win is the supreme great sword above the Rune blade. And I knew that the rune blade could get obtain if you combine multiple bastard swords.
I spend hours beating the demon in the time trial in order to gain 8 bastard swords to get 2 runes blades and combine them to get the holy win. But it didn't work... I threw those 2 Runes blades away and realized that the holy win cannot be obtained...
Fortunately, I did get information on how to get the holy win with some internet website but I knew nothing about combining weapon/shield armor.

All I had is this basic list of equipment. Nothing more.

When I got the hagane hoplite shield at the end of the iron maiden, I realized I needed a few more to get the dread shield. The list suggests it is the strongest shield you can obtain. So I finished the game 3 more times to get the dread shield. I didn't know you can get a hoplite with an oval shield and a knight...

Something wasn't right though.

I have all dread equipment in Damascus material but my shield was in Hagane.
I didn't know you can combine Wood with Damascus to get Damascus.

Part 2 : The useless challenge :

I kept playing VS from time to time just for fun during my childhood. After all, I did complete my challenge to finishing the game at 100%, a Damascus dread shield cannot be obtained because a dread shield can only be obtained by forging 4 hoplites shields and a Damascus shield can be obtained by forging Damascus only. A Damascus hoplite shield doesn't exist...

We are in 2004 and video game websites and especially forums kept being created and lucky for me some players were talking about VS and one of them claim to get that Damascus dread shield.

I told him it's not possible but he told me that you can forge an oval shield with a knight one to get a hoplite shield and repeat the process until you get a dread one. How dumb I was... So I keep opening every chest in the game and discover that I need 32 casseroles and a couple of circles both in Damascus to get that shield.

Because I really wanted to finish this game as much as I love it, It was worth the challenge.
Let’s get that shields and finish the game 32 more times.

I also needed every titles and a perfect score so I did make sure to kill every enemy I encounter, grab the gold key, get the (D) Casseroles and repeat the process. It was a long quest that lasts for almost 5 years. But I managed to do it. I ended up getting a Damascus dread shield, full dread equipment of Damascus, all ultimate weapons, and the 2 toughest titles were on the way.

From time to time, sometimes without playing VS for a year, I walked around City Walls to fight some dragons for hours because they were the last enemy I need to get the final titles.

At the end of engineer school, I did complete the challenge. I beat the game 37 times, get the Damascus dread shield in Damascus, all titles , everything…

But I noticed my score was not even close to the maximum possible. In fact I had 317 XXX XXX riskbreaker point . Not even a third to what is possible! Do I really need to finish the game +100 times to make it to 100%?
Years pass...We are in 2018 and I decide to check on the internet if there is a way to level up score faster. My English drastically improved over the year (not perfect though you'll notice :) )so I can read English guides on the internet. One of this guide states that if you kill dummy with the same weapon over and over your score improve faster than when you switch weapon.
I noticed they were another guide on this website, out of curiosity I checked these out.
Those guides were on GameFAQs...

Wow, what a discovery it was... The ultimate weapon with 100 on each class/affinity, ultimate armor with 100 stats, combination guide, enemy faq... I spend nights reading these and it was awesome.
I thought I knew everything about this game. I was wrong. A lot...
I was not even remotely close to finishing this game at 100% but in reality, I still had a lot of work to do. Am I sick enough to do all this? well, unfortunately, I love this game too much.

darko21 6 months ago#2
Part 3: The grinding.

Well, where do we start? I haven't played VS seriously for almost a year. I did check my container and I have all ultimate weapon Damascus (none are even close to 100 stats-wise). A crapy Damascus dread shield accumulated through 32NG+. all Damascus dread armor with crap stats. roughly 700 STR/AGL/INT, a lot of holy win, and a lot of Plate mail with 137 DP.

I decided to start the challenge with the ULTIMATE ARMOR FAQ and It was so much fun because I acquired a lot of knowledge about the game. God, I had probably threw tons of missaglia/tilt glove during my 37 playthroughs. Even if it was boring from time to time, being able to smash those liches and hope for that drop to come was so exciting 😊 Raising abilities and class was quite easy too. Because my AGL was close to 700, all I have to do was to sit in front of dragons, raise my RISK to 100, cast surging balm, and get my risk back to 100 when it dropped below 80.
I could basically watch a movie and raise my risk every 3 mn and the job was done 😊.

Having high stats was however acting as a double edge sword and it appears that the sharpest side of the blade was on my side ... the ultimate weapon faq was a nightmare.
Because my strength was so high I killed dummies with 3 strikes. When my blade gets enough score I killed the dummies on 2 hits then it was a one-shot kill.
Killing dummies, walk back, teleportation, teleport back, kill the dummies and repeat the process. An atrocious task.
I really think most people that did this challenge used a turbo controller and because they had low strength they can let the game played for itself and came back once the dummy is dead.
I couldn't do that because the dummy dies in 1 blow.

Raising 4 blades and combine them to get 1 ultimate weapon took 22 hours. Yes, I clocked it...
After raising 5 ultimate weapons, I couldn't go any further. I was done, it was too much pain.
I decide to make a sub-challenge and get dread armor in every possible material and I quickly realized that killing a classic monster will raise my weapon's affinity way faster than dummy does. I do not have to teleport back to the dummy and It makes raising weapons less boring.
Because I already had a lot of holy wins in the container, I also decide to make all weapons with 280 DP for maximum damage output. It took roughly 110 holy wins to obtain but at least the dark crusader in iron maiden 2 raise EVIL/EARTH faster than killing dummy.

The lich that drops missaglia/tilt glove increase light and Evil stats.
Humans that drop (W) pelta and (W) targe shields increase Human and dark/water stats.
The goblin that drops the (W) circle shield raise AIR.
Undead that drop leather armor increases Undead/Light stat.
Getting all dread armor in every material was the way to get all weapons with maximum stats.

Dread armor in leather material was a challenge I thought I could accomplish but it literally required thousand of leather armor. Because leather has the highest INT, I decided to stick with hoplite armor instead and even hoplite armor was a pain to obtain.
I also decide to make an absolute ultimate Damascus armor, one with 13699 DP because I had a lot of plate mail (D) in my inventory. I spend hours getting (H) Fluted armor ( 129DP), get also 1 on the chest in the great cathedral + the plate mail with 137 DP. This was a tough challenge too.

Then the final challenge, the toughest one.
UDDS Ultimate Damascus dread shield with 100 on every stat. Required almost a though wood shield and 10.000 humans to defeat. Atrocious...but worth the challenge.
Even if vagrant story has no real 100% completion I'm glad I finally make it. This game will remain in my heart forever.

I Would like to thank :
Samuel Riesterer for its amazing Ultimate Armor FAQ
Matt Hamand for its 4 blade methods farming.
Jay Tilton for its remarquable Ennemy list FAQ and its amazing combinaison guide.
Zin that helps me during this challenge and its overall knowledge on absolute ultimate armor.
My dad who bought me this game when I was a Kid.
Squaresoft to release this wonderful game.

All VS fan !

Marie who will probably never read this post. Thank you for everything.

Benjamin champion
GoukiAkujiki 5 months ago#3

You have my sympathy and pity.
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