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User Info: CabooseyBob

10 years ago#1
Although the board is dead, I figure a good ol' topic might get the blood pumping in this old beast. Of course, with no one else here, it might not work... :c

Well, as far as the game goes, ever get a hero creature, then lose him/her? Its just the most frustrating thing ever, unless you have dragons/ Animate Dead. Then, its all gravy.

Any thoughts, Stygia?
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User Info: Bumblesquee

10 years ago#2
It's odd, actually. I've been playing through the game again recently and decided to go with James (after finishing it with Charnel; now I'm doing it with Pyro). During the penultimate mission, Gammel died, and since I love the guy, I decided to start over. Next time, Faetus died, but I wasn't too bothered about it--I picked up his souls and all.

Then, when I enter the last battle, there he was again! Is this normal? I don't recall it happening before whenever any of the other hero units died and I went on without them--then again, that hasn't happened a lot for me. And I usually only restart the level if I lose either Gammel or Sirocco, as far as hero units are concerned.
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