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User Info: bitterlily

3 years ago#1
Hi, I used to play Arcanum a lot. I'm embarrassed to say how often. I've tried all sorts of different character concepts to give me an excuse to play it again. Of course, this was years ago. Then Dragon Age came out . . . Yes, I was unfaithful. But I've come courting again, and Arcanum is forgiving me.

I think I've built a pretty good foundation for any sort of fighter/mage combo, whether one wants mastery in fighting or magic. (Personally, I'm underwhelmed by the options for a tech-based character.) One can, of course, throw rogue in and make it a triple-class character -- Arcanum is so wonderfully flexible that way.

As I've been diving back into the game, I've read through all the FAQ's on this site with appreciation, but also some disagreement. I'm thinking of writing a new character creation guide, but I'm wondering how many of you are out there who'd want one. Is there any point?
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